Making blockchain accessible to all by sending Crypto to Email 💌

Looking for a way to get your not so tech-savvy friends into crypto? Just send it to their email address.

The Arkane web wallet allows users to send crypto assets to email instead of blockchain addresses. With this new feature, we are proud to contribute to a better user experience when interacting with blockchain technology.

This feature is not about informing people that they received crypto.

It is about actually sending it to an email address so that anyone can send and receive crypto assets without realizing that they are using blockchain tech.

What happens behind the scenes?

When a transaction is initiated with an email address in the “to” field the first thing we check is if the email address is known to us. If so, we change the destination of the transaction to the wallet address linked to the known email address. If the email address is not known to us, we create a new blockchain wallet, transfer the crypto assets to the new wallet and inform the recipient he can collect his crypto in Arkane. When the new user signs up, the assets are transferred to him.

What if I have multiple wallets in Arkane, where will I receive the crypto that is sent to me?

When assets are transferred we are aware which blockchain is being used so the assets will be transferred to your wallet on that specific chain. If you don’t yet have a wallet on that chain, we will create one for you and transfer the assets to you the next time you log in.

If you have multiple wallets on one chain, then the funds will be transferred to what we call your primary wallet. Your primary wallet is indicated with a yellow star ⭐.

A primary wallet called “Checking Account”

You can change your primary wallet by just clicking on the grey star of the wallet which should become the new primary wallet.

A regular wallet called “Savings Account”

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