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Microservice Dreamin’

Now where do I put all that complexity ?….

Let’s start with the ‘Wardley’ Why

What’s our Purpose ?

How do we achieve our Purpose ?

Microservices for the rest of us…

  1. Customer needs a shop, shop needs a coffee machine, coffee machine needs electrical connections, electrical connections need a supplier etc.
  2. Customer needs coffee, coffee needs a coffee machine…
  3. Customer needs coffee, coffee needs a cup, cup needs cleaning equipment, cleaning equipment needs electricity.

Cutting a long story short

Vendor lock-in…

  1. I have never worked-for or heard of a company that switched cloud provider all at once. I’m sure they’re out there but I haven’t come across one yet.
  2. Typically cloud provider costs are less than 3% of a development team salary so anything that helps developers get valuable things done quickly will always be cheap even if it gets more expensive.
  3. Serverless is already a highly competitive business and that will only continue. AWS, Google, Azure & many others will be competing hard for your cash by offering the most cost-effective services. The notion that one of them will hike up the prices unnecessarily once they have enough people locked-in feels more conspiracy theory than credible outcome.
  4. The whole premise of microservices is that “nothing should be so big you can’t afford to throw it away”. To paraphrase the safety demonstration given by most aircraft cabin crew “In the unlikely event that you should wish to switch cloud provider…” a well architected set of services with clearly defined contexts should be easy to replicate on other platforms. I’ll be covering things later in this tutorial that can help you do that.



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