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Millennials Will Work Hard, Just Not for Your Crappy Job

Memories of the “Good Ol’ Days”

Rethinking the Label We Hang on the Upcoming Generation


The Rules Have Changed and Millennials Know It

Learning Lessons the Hard Way

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The Glass is Always Half Full

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What Millennial Workers Are Looking for

  • Give them a little training on your products — not just how to do the minutia of their daily job, but insight into how the products are made, how they help people, your margins.
  • Explain in detail why you do things the way you do. Nothing is more common and more frustrating than the “because that’s the way we do it around here” response when someone is struggling to understand the reason for a particular system or procedure.
  • Open your books. I know, that terrifies you. It’s the future.
  • Send them for a paid day to a conference. Conferences are only partially boondoggles. Your workers are likely to learn a little something and to return recharged. When your job never takes you outside the office, a reason to be outside the office is empowering. The job immediately feels more important.
  • Allow the employees to set their own group target goals. You may be surprised by how they stretch themselves.
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Millennials are Pointing the Way Toward a Brighter Future

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