Muslims raised $161993 (and counting!) for Missouri’s vandalized Jewish cemetery.

What this means, why this matters, and how you can help.


This campaign was organized by my homies Linda Sarsour (national co-organizer, WomensMarch; AKA Superwoman IRL) and Tarek El-Messidi (founder, CelebrateMercy) ❤
Yours truly helped with marketing (AKA “growth hacking”, but: 1. I hate this term — so overused and misappropriated as to be rendered meaningless — so much; and 2. “Muslim” & “hacking“ is NOT a good look, and I’m not trying to get a one-way ticket to Gitmo… #HiNSA #TrumpsAmerica)
The original $20,000 goal was reached in three hours. $80,000 was raised in the first 24 hours. $100,000 within 48 hours. 4849 supporters donated (average donation: $33.41). Oh, and there’s still 10 days left in the campaign. I guess Muslims don’t do every single thing at the last minute…which I guess means we’re not actually the worst after all?


This means we are cousins, brothers, human family.
This means we know our history is rooted in yours. Biblically.
This means we know our history is rooted in yours. Culturally.
This means we know our history is rooted in yours. Politically.
This means whenever you need us, we’ll be there. Like Batman.
This means the exaggerated at best, fabricated at worst false construct insisting an eternal, permanent, intrinsic “Muslim vs. Jew” animus can be finally discredited and discarded, cast aside in favor of genuine interfaith solidarity, building, organizing, Abrahamic coexistence, love, peace, unity, and progress, the kind proven by hard power (money talks, baby).
This means there is still hope for peace in the Middle East.


In one sentence: entropy, enmity, and evil seek to divide us. Don’t be fooled. Don’t get it twisted. Don’t play yourself.


Donate. Share. Celebrate Mercy.

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