My Playbook for Building and Launching a Startup in 30 Days

You’ll either end with over 100 paying customers or can quickly move on to the next idea.

Syed Hemu Rahman
The Startup


latte art in cortado cup. Espresso for grinding on startup.
When I’m not building startups, I pretend I’m a barista. Grab some caffeine, buckle up, and let’s grind!

What you’ll accomplish in 30 days

You’ll either walk away with 100+ paying customers or you’ll quickly invalidate your startup idea, and can move on to the next one.

In the past 30 days, I built and launched a product called Coffees with Creators, and it’ll serve as an example for this guide. You can download my notion template here and follow along on Youtube for the entire series.

Here’s the gameplan

  1. Conduct customer discovery interviews. We’ll begin understanding the problem space, user persona, and how well your solution will fit. If you don’t have a startup idea, here’s where you’ll find one.
  2. Define the founding hypotheses that will make or break the entire idea. The next four weeks will focus on stress testing these.
  3. Build and launch a landing page to capture initial customers and convey the value proposition.
  4. Hustle to find your first users. We’ll reach out to hundreds.
  5. Build and launch an MVP, ideally with no code. The goal is to get a feeling of a…