My Unsexy Income Streams Are Low-Key Easy to Recreate

Unsexy means proven. Proven is better than unproven.

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Multiple income streams is the greatest life hack.

I’m an ex-banker.

Too much risk turns me into a toddler that can’t sleep. I just can’t do it. I need diversification in everything I do in case the world doesn’t work in my favor.

I’m not going to lie.

It takes time to become a multiple income stream badass. But it’s possible with a touch of creativity and a good dose of consistency.

The income stream the biggest bloggers swear by

Everyone is a content creator. Some just haven’t realized it yet — Pomp

We all have skills.

You already use them to earn a living, so you’re not special. Many people sell their skills once to an employer. The income stream I found by accident is online courses. It didn’t start that way.

One day at work I got asked to share my knowledge of LinkedIn. I did it. Then a reader from LinkedIn emailed me and said “can you coach me?”

I was terrified so I told him a stupidly high price.

He said yes. Crap.

That one student, later, became thousands of students.

Everyone can teach a skill. Platforms such as Skillshare, Teachable, and Udemy let you do it.

There’s one decision you’ve got to make

  1. Low-priced courses to thousands of people
  2. High-priced courses to a small number of people

Contrary to what most think, both models work.

One of the biggest bloggers on the internet, Benjamin Hardy, swears by online courses as a key income stream. Nicolas Cole does too. So does Ayodeji Awosika. So does Niharikaa Sodhi. So does Zdravko Cvijetic.

So does anyone who knows their stuff.

Why can’t you teach a skill?

One I never see mentioned: Audits



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