Netflix User Interface Design Analysis

Dilek Dündaralp
Mar 18, 2019 · 5 min read

and about next generation TV experience.

  • Have we completely removed the TV culture from our lifes?
  • Where do we follow live broadcasts?
  • Are Tv shows watching habits re-designed?

Our habit of watching tv has begun to shift towards the online media in recent years. Specially in recent times, the rise of Netflix worldwide and the production of special films for Netflix users have become even more interested.

YouTube and Instagram have been on the rise of live stream since the period of Periscope. The viewers has become bored of advertising, broadcast format on tv. These platforms, which enable the viewer to reach as are at the same time, have passed the TV channel’s the live broadcast.

Also online movies and Tv shows platform Netflix’s user-friendly interface design and data analysis are also discussed behind this success. Change of thumbnail photos according to the topic of the series you are watching, features like to continue watching over multiple devices features like to continue watching over multiple devices Netflix indispensability can be shown among the reasons.

Following the success of Apple on personalized interfaces, these invention on other platforms can be the reason for preference.

Netflix screens can be analyzed in 3 sections

Apple TV application usage

This ease of use on the Apple TV version of Netflix seems to have evolved in a sense to the culture of the past. While people’s user habits may change in the digital world, we can also notice the fact that most digital products are like a reflection of analog habits. Changing the channel that we couldn’t disconnect from the analog culture would only use the forward and back keys while performing the zapping action. On Apple TV, this is the basis for TV navigation. Applications like Netflix, which give importance to user experience, are working to reflect this navigation style in the simplest way.

As a user experience, hover effect compatible with the control and a simple navigation back and forth without you painful. After the last update, the only thing I personally don’t like is that the menu is placed on the side and the same menu structure is used in YouTube. Perhaps, this update, which is analyzed from millions of data in both applications, is more useful.

Browser Usage

Unlike mobile and TV, you can have a lot of interaction elements while watching Netflix on your laptop or desktop. Hover effects, such as the account page, pages that are more interactive in the browser..etc.

With the Bandersnatch section of the Black Mirror series, we’ve experienced the most innovative experience of the latest interactive experimentation.

At the same time, when we look at the homepage, we see a simple menu structure, a photograph instead of a loading icon which is technically a problem in every project and play it when the video is loaded. At the same time, this screen looks like the interactive version of a movie poster in the digital world.

we click on one of the thumbnails scroll down to see the content detail. Details of the characteristic font seem again, a short date and season information, summary, and clickable the play button you want to click. There are also interaction buttons to indicate your personal liking. It is very effective to decide if or not to watch the series, in addition to the details you can get about a series on the left side of the screen. Thumbnails are also a small preview screen with hover effect.

There are technical cares for copyright or other factors: If you are watching a Netflix content through the browser, you cannot record at the same time because it does not allow it!

Mobile application usage

When we use Netflix as mobile, we can see easy viewing screens with screens and short navigation, which are adjusted according to the experience of the telephone users. Netflix has also apply the specific UX rules to with simple method.

When we pay attention Netflix screens in general, it provides a new generation TV experience to it’s users with screens that are based on simplicity and content.

When watching a series on the mobile,

- the ability to continue on the computer,

- has continue to follow the categorization when logout app and turning back for watching,

-the use of traditional experiences from traditional TV to the online pass and very well navigation,

- visuals stand out according to the topic you are watching,

has creating great features for the users.

Hope to see the same features on YouTube TV..


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