Nobody wants to be your technical co-founder. That’s the truth.

Daily Blog #113

I’ve been around enough events, forums, threads, slack channels, mastermind groups, facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn pods and everything else to have seen the same request, over and over again. It’s always some dreamer with a big idea who thinks it’s worth a million bucks. And they’re always looking for a technical co-founder to turn their dream into a reality.

It’s just not that simple.

What they’re really looking for, most of the time, is free labour. They’ll offer equity, or deferred payments, or an even split, but it’s not enough. The truth is, you’re talking to eminently experienced and qualified people who have spent years building their skills and honing their craft and you’re asking them to take a run on the board and a massive risk with no guarantee of success and the potential of absolutely nothing to show for it.

If your life has been spent learning to code and to build software and all of a sudden someone tells you that your skills are essentially subbordinate to their big idea and should be prostituted for it, how are you going to feel about that? How are you going to react?

There is just no chance that anybody wants to jump on board with you.

If they have the technical ability that you need to build your platform, they have several wonderful career paths open to them:

💸 Get a high paying corporate job

💸 Get a startup job at an existing and proven company that includes equity

💸 Start their own project with their own idea

Sure, you might think that your idea is special. But I mean…it’s just not. Ideas aren’t worth shit. Ideas aren’t worth anything. Execution is where the edge is living. Execution is what makes any idea worth something in the first place, and if you need to find a technical co-founder, you don’t have any execution game.

So what do you do?

You’ve got four options.

🍕 You can learn how to code and build your MVP yourself. And in fact, if you want to build a startup, you should learn how to code anyway. You don’t have to be amazing, but you should know what you’re working with. This is the best option.

🍕 You can build an MVP that doesn’t have to be coded, and is a little bit hacked together, has a lot of human involvement, but proves you have execution game. This is probably the next best option.

🍕 You can use my mates at BlueChilli Seb Eckersley-Maslin to build an MVP and full product in a collaborative environment. Full disclosure: I’ve worked with and love these folks. 🔥

🍕 You can hire an agency. This is normally tough, and there are nightmare stories about work never being finished and people being ripped off. Try and avoid doing this.

🍕 You can actually pay and hire a developer. You’ll need money for this, and that means spending your own money, and if you’re not prepared to that, don’t try and start a startup!!!!

Because the fact is, nobody wants to be the technical co-founder to a hustler with an idea and no game. Sucks, but it’s true, and you have to get over it.

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