Nobody Wants Your App.

Lessons Launching an App in 2015

Ryan Sheffer
Nov 11, 2015 · 5 min read

We launched Momunt on March 4, 2015. We were lucky enough to debut on a stage in front of thousands of people at LAUNCH Festival, guaranteeing us our first one thousand users. We were on Product Hunt the next day, where we did reasonably well and got a few hundred more. Everything looked great for the first few weeks. Numbers were growing, everything up and to the right. But it quickly became evident that our initial users were leaving, and signing on new users was becoming progressively harder.

Our App Needed Work

Window-Shopping Early Adopters

If Not Early Adopters, Then Who?

Views to Downloads

The daily stories we created generated thousands of views. However, we weren’t getting these views to equate to downloads. It was nuts — for every one thousand eyeballs, we would get roughly one download.

One download for every one thousand web views.

Your Funnel Must Be Broken

This update made zero impact on the rate of downloads. So we assumed we needed a simpler way to find the download button. We put a button on the top right of every page:

Zero impact.

This would make sense if it was harder to get views on the website — but generating thousands of web views felt simple. Why wouldn’t ANYONE DOWNLOAD?

Maybe it was the conversion rate on the app store? Nope — that was sitting at 53%. So half of the people who got to the app store downloaded, but only two out of every one thousand would even click!!??!?!

Peak App?

This tweet got a lot less traction than the average Dave Morin tweet, but I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. At the moment I was reading that tweet, I was truly struggling with what I could possibly do to get people to pay attention to what we’re doing.

Around the time of the tweet, Morin’s company had just released Kong and I was wondering if, despite huge amounts of press, they were also facing more issues than they expected.

At this point, I feel confident that although people will always want services that make their lives better — the appeal of that service coming in the form of an app simply isn’t enough.

Word on the Street

Brand vs. App


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