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In this 1901 board game, a magnetic spinner allows you to play three versions of the game. The “hand” of fate chooses answers for you; in another, your fortune is revealed from your birthday; and in another, true or false questions are answered by landing on odd or even numbers.

On Waiting For A Sign

Indecision and loneliness are the only two things I can be sure are there for me.

The rent for all the anxiety that lives in my head is cheap, but I have to pay by the hour. Writing looks like work and it entertains the noonday demon well enough that it retreats for a while.

And so.




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Shanna Peeples

Shanna Peeples

Newly minted Harvard Ed.L.D. | 2015 National Teacher of the Year | Author: Think Like Socrates | Otter enthusiast

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