A Simple Formula to Reprogram Your Subconscious & Create The Life You Want

“Whatever, we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become reality” ~ Earl Nightangale

Our minds are continuously influenced by outside environment.

Though, it is always not the case that someone is sitting in front of you and programming your mind specifically to operate in a particular negative way. But if we remain in the same environment for a longer period, our mind starts to form a particular belief system based on these outside stimulants.

Also, our mind wants to optimize the way we operate our lives without making too much effort. And the easiest thing for mind is to operate on past experiences and the belief system, we borrow from our immediate environment.

Our beliefs are formed based on repetitive thinking in a particular way. In fact, The definition of belief is “the repetition of same thoughts over and over for a long period of time.”

In formation of belief or programming of mind the rule of RWID plays a vital rule. This is the concept, I recently heard from Brendon Burchard in one of his talks.

So What is RWID Formula?

RWID stands for
Relative Weight of Importance and Duration

In simple words, Our minds are programmed by certain thoughts, which we assign more weight as important ones and allow them to run in our heads for a longer duration.

Therefore, if we continuously choose to focus on positive thoughts over the negative thoughts for longer periods, the principle of RWID can work in our favour.

Of Course, there will be challenges in overcoming the negative thoughts, because it is not only you, who often thinks negatively, but the people around you further reinforce your negative thinking. So to focus on positive thoughts as compared to the negative thoughts is a steep journey. But you know it well now that the principle of RWID is in play.

It is a matter of which thoughts you allow to run in your head. The infinite intelligence has given the power to humans to exercise control on their thoughts, but irony is that most of us don’t exercise that discretion often.

It is a simple formula, but not the easy one. Because it requires moment to moment work in applying the principles. The more weight you start giving to your positive thoughts, more you will be able to positively rewire your mind. I believe that if one can maintain such positive thoughts for few weeks, it has the potential to rewire your brain and reprogram your mindset to a great extent.

Because if you think you can do it, you will feel better about doing it. With better emotions, you will take some action and that action will show you some results. A little bit of positive movement will improve your confidence. That improve confidence will help you to think more about the positive thoughts which will generate more action. And you will start seeing some results than.

So this consistent loop of positive thoughts, then followed by positive actions and behaviour will multiply the effect of RWID principle and soon you will realize that you have a different thinking pattern altogether. You will realize that you remain in the positive state more often.

This positive state will help you create new positive stories for you. With that you will increase your resourcefulness. The resourcefulness is something that will present more strategies in front of you to take action. And through this process, ultimately your subconscious minds get changed.

But it starts with taking responsibility of your thoughts, as is rightly stated below:

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself” ~ Jim Rohn

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