One Thing That Separates Amateurs From Professionals

“All great ideas technically exist. If you don’t have the thought that sparked the idea, someone else will eventually.” — Thomas Edison

You must be able to throw out your best ideas with no emotion.

The best in class know this and don’t care when they have a great idea and toss it out. They know it’s a part of the creative process and it’s just work.

What matters is their own big picture.

For example, everyone’s trying to get rich on crypto currency right now (a hot great new idea). I don’t care about the quick hits because I know making money (which is what everyone’s trying to quickly take advantage of) isn’t what matters, and what does matter has money and wealth follow.

Money comes and goes and is indifferent by it’s attractor.

You’ll either attract money or you won’t, what matters are your life (and therefore work) principles that attract your money in the right way for you — because it always get’s old.

So I feel zero fomo when I see people making quick bucks off of crypto currency (full disclosure I bought a tiny bit several months ago just to participate in the fun).

I just don’t care. Many will lose money as well and that’s irrelevant too though I’m sure they’ll experience some pain (hopefully not too much).

Because an idea doesn’t matter. Making the right idea, yours, does.

All great ideas technically exist. If you don’t have the thought that sparked the idea, someone else will eventually.

If Zuckerberg didn’t make Facebook, someone would have.

If Elon Musk didn’t make Space X, someone would have.

Ideas are made great when they fall within a prioritized, timed and understood application. Preferably by someone who’s a master of themselves and they’re field.

You know you’re a pro when you don’t get emotional about even a great idea that can change the world, because as we now know, that isn’t what matters.

What matters is you, your big picture, and where that idea may align with that picture or fall within that story of yourself and where you’re going with your work and life.

The amateur get’s excited at the prospect of a good idea. We’ve all seen this and made the mistake. I know I have.

They think because something is new and novel and therefore worth turning into a business or the task they work on every day without understanding that nothing matters if people (the market) don’t feel a pain to have it solved immediately.

Or if you don’t find fulfillment practicing that task to the point you feel so wealthy with nothing else because it maximizes your potential or if that task isn’t a task you’re a master at and would starve to practice because the task itself maximizes your potential.

Elites have the confidence to know they’ll continue coming up with ideas over and over, every day and that the right idea will always find them.


Know that great ideas are great but unimportant.

Know that great ideas are great but only a part of your creative process.

It doesn’t matter if a great idea get’s tossed out. 99.99% of them do. They just aren’t meant for you, now.

Have faith that the right idea will find you.

Picking the idea that’s yours is what matters and tossing out great one’s everyday is a skill elites understand and are able to apply with no emotion.

Next time you find yourself getting emotional about an idea, stop and ask yourself why it matters to you specifically and instead of feeling fomo tossing it out or having someone take it, consider why it matters.