Patience is Crucial for Ambitious People


I consider myself an impatient person. I want to constantly grow to get to the point where I am successful in everything I do.

In an ideal world, one wouldn’t need to worry about screwing up or missing an opportunity, but life doesn’t work that way. We have our ups and downs. I can’t expect to give a good presentation every time or expect everyone to agree with my design, just like in my personal life where a romantic relationship doesn’t work out due to bad timing. With every decision we make, it takes time for us to grow and learn before we can move forward.



Impatience wont make things happen faster. The bigger our goals, the longer it takes to get there.

For certain things, you can get the most out of it by doing things at the “right” time. This means aligning time with the percieved outcome you want based on data. Being intentional. An example is posting content on a platform like LinkedIn or Facebook. I post content on certain days or at times when it has been proven most people are on to make sure I get the most amount of engagement.

Things work when you are aligned with everything around you, but you can’t force it. An example is publishing my articles. I can’t control the weeks when viewership is low. There are articles where I expect to get a certain amount of engagement than others but sometimes timing isn’t on my side and that doesn’t happen. In the end, it is okay because getting people to like my content isn’t my goal (and it shouldn’t be), because I ultimately write to improve my communication skills and help others. Those skills take time to improve and it is an ongoing journey in which expecting instant gratification (for anything) will result in disappointment.

Make the most of your time by doing the work you love.

Even though the examples I provided above are some examples of how we might perceive good timing, there is never really a “good” time. At most, it’s unpredictable. The best thing you can do is start doing the things you want to do without worrying about time, but instead strive towards meeting your goals whenever you can with consistency and grit.

Have patience in the process


As designers, we emphasize the process because it leads us to a desirable outcome. For certain things, we can’t rush them. We can’t rush the ideation process, we can’t rush user testing and we can’t always rush the people we work with because it affects the quality of their work. There is a reason why things can take a long time and the best thing we can do is accommodate, listen and be patient.

Patience is what allows the fruits of our hard work and persistence to flourish. We need time to let our actions sit and respond before moving forward. As much as I wanted to work at Google during my sophomore year of college, I knew I wasn’t ready with the level of experience I had at the time. I had to grow, in my skills and in my understanding of how to approach different design problems before moving forward. I failed numerous interviews to improve and get to where I am now. As much as I wanted to learn all I could about design, I can’t process everything all at once. If we do that, we miss out on major learning opportunities, whether it’s through our struggles or failures, to get to where we want to be.

Focus on the present


Embrace the journey, not the outcome. Look at your failures as opportunities to learn. By changing your mindset, you will soon realize the importance of how you do things and the mindset you have reaching your goals. In my junior year of college, I kept getting opportunities to interview at top companies but my reaction to rejection if I didn’t pass an interview made me realize how unmotivated I was to learn new things. I was only focused on getting to the outcome, not what I learned to get there.

Opportunities come and go. It’s what we learn that help us get more opportunities and give us a competitive advantage .

Be content with what you have now and work towards where you want to be. Don’t try to seek out things when you have other things to work on because trust me, you won’t ever be satisfied.


Like in a video game, we have to level up before moving on to the next level. This means experiencing what is around us and embracing what we have. Only what we learn in the present can propel us to the future. This means not trying to do things we obviously aren’t prepared for when we have to lay out the ground work first.

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