Pillar Content and the 2019 Content Machine

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I’ll keep this as short as possible.

Content Marketing has been a Marketing “trend” for the past 5 years at least. For 2019, my advice for every marketing team is to increase cadence, formats and bet strongly in distribution.

This post focuses on a very specific idea which basically aims at increasing efficiencies when creating content: Repurposing.

A lot has been talked about this topic, so I’ll just spare everyone and add my 2 favorite reads on this, in case you’re falling behind on the conversation.

The main idea I want you to take from this story is one of a Pillar Content piece. This should be either a long-form Video or Podcast.

(Btw, this concept of Pillar Content machine has been made widely popular by Gary Vaynerchuk quite recently, despite having been explored by a lot of marketers, myself included, over the past years. Nevertheless, kudos to Gary for his work of creating a process and a visual workflow).

Your content team should really aim at exploring these and main investment in budget-wise should go to them. Think about interviews, talks, workshops, etc.

  • From a Pillar Content piece, you can then create multiple content pieces to keep your content machine rolling with a great cadence.
  • From a video, a podcast gets born.
  • Focus distribution of the video on Youtube and Facebook (you can also explore Vimeo if you believe you may have a decent audience there).
  • Afterward comes the first round of micro-moments for driving viewership. This includes coming up with extra content pieces from the initial video (images, 15s, 60s, 2m, and 10m videos), share them on the appropriate channel in order to drive traffic to the Pillar piece.
  • Watching your community reactions to these will give you new ideas of where does your content best resonates with them. A tip here is to ask your community to tag the time-frame which they refer to, whenever they add a comment to your video.
  • These new ideas can originate 3–4 new clips (from the original video) which then get posted to Facebook.
  • You then get a new set of micro-moments also based on the feedback you got from your community. Apart from 15s and 60s clips, you can also explore quotes and GIFs.
  • Finally, will all the learnings you get from your audience’s reaction to all the different content pieces, you can basically create a transcript article and spark it up with a couple of main takeaways.

As you can see, from a single original content piece, you can generate an incredible amount of content. There’s no excuse for lack of ideas or lack of research time to create new content.

Further ideas to repurpose content? Add your comments below!

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