Place Outdoor (Billboard) Ads in Minutes!

Convenience is king.

We live in an era where technology ensures we can access what we want, when we want it, without exerting any effort. In the age of Amazon and GrubHub, convenience is the most desirable value offering, and this addiction to convenience stems beyond consumer demands as employees desire the same ease of access when they perform enterprise operations.

The desire among company operatives to utilize convenience is well-presented in the advertising industry.

While in the past marketing dollars were primarily floating from major enterprises, today small and medium businesses play an equally — if not more — important role in the marketing industry.

The reason for this is obvious: major media platforms like Facebook and Google make the process of placing an ad extremely easy and seamless; make a FB post and the option to boost it pops up immediately.

The convenience available in placing digital ads is one of the major reasons behind the market shift from the large-scale physical to digital ad placements. However, outdoor advertisements are still present, but the process of utilizing them needs to be enhanced to remain competitive against digital ads.

Place Outdoor Ads in Minutes

Bidooh is an innovative marketing start-up that, among other things, focuses on advancing the convenience in utilizing outdoor ads.

Bidooh provides people and enterprises with an application that can be downloaded to place an outdoor ad in minutes: simply choose the ad you want to display, choose a billboard location, and confirm your placement purchase. This development makes outdoor ads as easy to utilize as digital ads, and this makes outdoors advertisements more attractive to small and medium-sized businesses as they do not have the resources to employ managers for outdoor marketing.

Additionally, the present system requires individuals to book agents who rake up extra fees; lowered cost and lowered time expense, along with ease of access, equate to a revolution in outdoor marketing.


While Bidooh is starting with an internal network of billboards, its long-term goal is to also integrate, into its application, a marketplace for all outdoor advertisements. The project’s goal is to be the AdSense of outdoor advertisements.

Bidooh intends to offer its technology to other physical ad placement providers, allowing them to access a range of customers that have not been possible before.

Meanwhile, it allows anyone to launch an outdoor campaign with ease of placement locations that are beyond Bidooh’s internal network. It is for this reason that Bidooh can revolutionize the outdoor marketing industry; the development doesn’t only impact a closed network of billboards, but potentially every outdoor advertisement placement in existence.

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