Shocking Predictions of Frightening Future

Shelly Fagan
Jun 9, 2019 · 8 min read
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Those who experience near death have terrifying visions of the future. And it’s coming soon.

People who die and return can retain experiences of what occurred while they traveled to the “other side.” These are known as “near death experiences” or NDEs.

About 17 percent of those who nearly die report some type of experience of an afterlife. While many encounter loved ones or traveling through a tunnel toward a light, others are shown visions of an unpleasant future.

The “dearly returned” write books on their experiences. Some of their stories are collected by the Near Death Research Foundation with over 4600 near death experiences in over 23 languages.

One such individual is Donna Hartley, an author and keynote speaker who has traveled to the other side and returned three times, each occasion accompanied by a vision of the future.

When she passed over, she faced a group of beings who gave her information on what was coming to the planet. While her visions were disturbing, Hartley shares a message of hope in talks to corporate CEOs, schools, or individuals.

After surviving cancer, open-heart surgery, and a plane crash, Hartley said she was compelled to talk of the opportunities for growth in the light of so much suffering revealed to her. Too often, people focus on the destruction instead of the opportunity for transformation presented by overcoming obstacles.

“The world is going to change,” Hartley said.

NDE Skeptics

Skeptics are quick to reject NDEs as a purely physical function of brain death. However, we should reconsider our doubts in light of the powerful research on those without sight.

The experiences of the congenitally blind — that is, those who have never seen — sometimes have a visual component. These are significant because it is impossible for the brain to recreate visual images it has never stored.

Dr. Jeffrey Long, an oncologist and founder of NDERF said, “There are over a dozen cases of near-death experiences in blind individuals, and the great majority have some form of visual experience. There are similar accounts of non-auditory communication during NDEs by individuals born totally deaf.”

According to Long, 70 to 80 percent of NDEs in the blind have some form of visual experience.

Catastrophes to Come

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Predictions of the future touch on climate change and environmental damage occurring across the globe.

The other side tells us Earth is a living, conscious organism that will restore balance through worsening weather systems and devastation. These are necessary to remove the negative influences in society. The size and scope of the destructive events will be unprecedented.

Over 123 million Americans live on a shoreline. This means almost 40 percent of the population lives on only 10 percent of the land area. Predictions of the future aside, climate change will force many of these people to migrate to other areas. If they must do so in the midst of a natural disaster, the situation will be dire.

Rising sea levels and fierce storms create havoc on the planet, displacing a sizable portion of the population. Virtually no region in the US will remain safe from the tragedy.

According to these visions, we can expect the US to lose much of the coastal areas. If we are to believe the reports, America will be split in half. The Mississippi River will widen significantly and the Great Lakes will merge to become a vast inland sea. The process will not be gradual.

Massive fires and weather events plague the world. Famine results from the loss of agricultural production areas. People flee the destruction and strife.

“Climate change and rising see levels will cause mass migration,” said Hartley. “The tops of mountains will be the safest areas. This is because there are lakes and streams.” Clean water will be a pressing issue in the future, especially in hotter climates and the deserts.

If we are to believe the reports, the eastern half of the nation will be chaotic and violent, experiencing racial tension, rioting, and rampant crime. The western portion will be more peaceful. Pockets will flourish where cooperation exists, attributed to the influence of the large Native American population.

Collapse of the Monetary System

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Future visions show that cataclysms and the resulting turmoil act as a destabilizing influence on society and the government. In turn, the monetary system is threatened.

Hartley and others see the dollar losing its coveted position as the global reserve currency, replaced with some form of digital monetary system. As a result, America loses its global hegemony ending decades of military and cultural dominance over the planet.

“This will be a very turbulent time,” Hartley said. “Banking and the money system is going to shift.”

As America struggles to find a footing, the door opens for other nations to take a leadership role. Hartley sees this as a necessary healing and a balancing of global power, while others frame it as a form of much needed divine intervention.

On the surface, the predictions of such a collapse seems distressing, but those who relate these visions talk of the benefits that come freeing people from this control.

Our world is entering a phase of unending war with an enemy it cannot defeat and no one recognizes it. There is no way to inform man of this folly. Kent M

Attention will be focused on the problems plaguing the US for decades providing an opportunity for people to work together for a solution. Individuals join together, sometimes in collaboration and other times in protest.

The Future Isn’t Pretty — But Could Be

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The visions of the future are eerily similar and paint a disturbing and worrisome image of what is in store for mankind. If these predictions are to be believed, humanity faces a chaotic future of suffering, destruction, and strife.

While these visions feature scenes of death and destruction, others promise humanity will not perish altogether. The message is clear that if we work together to rise above these challenges we will not only survive, but thrive. Individually, when raise our vibrations, work with others, and focus on developing gratitude, humanity could soften some of the more negative events.

The future also holds a promise of peace, but it will not come until major cataclysms come to pass, according to those who glimpse the afterlife. The views into one possible future call for a culling of the population through natural disaster.

As negative influences are removed, the survivors will be free to experience a greater spirituality and opportunity for cooperation.

Those who have experienced near-death caution us to remember future events are fluid and may change depending on our willingness to work together. They remind us that these visions are the likely future if humanity does not change direction.

“There is hope,” said Hartley. “We can overcome this.”

“We have the technology and the tools to solve this,” Hartley said. “The experts know what to do. We have the answers.” She says that people must work together to overcome greed, power, and influence which prevents us from realizing our goal.

“Each of us must do our part, we can’t hope for someone to save us,” she said.

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