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Product Review #1

What people are building and how it could change the way we live

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I’m a huge fan of products, I often spend some time just looking at what products people have recently built, it’s enjoyable knowing what issues people have chosen to tackle, the popular and the not so popular products, physical and intangible products. It helps me consider what’s worth building and also learn about how different the world could soon be.


Airbnb came to disrupt (this word again🤦🏾‍️) the hotel industry, however, recharge comes to support the hotel industry and maybe upset Airbnb if they don’t pull up something similar. Recharge allows people to book short stays in hotels and apartments.

What’s different? You’re charged per minute, People don’t have to pay for a whole night if they just need to use the room for an hour to take a shower or a nap, also hotels get to make more money, most hotels aren’t 100% occupied and even if, there’s usually some free space between the usual time when people check out at midday and when people often check in the evening.


Rarely do we feel like we’re levelling up and living our best life, it’s often said that said that no one’s an island because it sucks being alone, accountability going social might make it more effective.


Considering the fact that cannabis is legal in some regions and has ever been in high demand, connecting its buyers with sellers seems like a no-brainer. It might seem like social media networks have peaked but in the midst of multipurpose platforms, the beauty of niche-focused platforms is revealed.

We live in a world full of rejection, hearing other people’s stories helps us relate to the fact that we are not alone and how we can cope. I find this simple and refreshing.

A site that helps you know to spell numbers, this clearly isn’t a game changer but maybe a nice to have and an indicator that even your not so brightest ideas could be worth trying out.


A domain name is an address on the web, I believe everyone should have one. Finding a suitable available could be daunting at times, Ungrabbed could become a destination for people who don’t want to stress it and would rather look up curated available domain names for their ideas.

Doing this review was fun, It won’t always be about software but also hardware. I hope to do this more often, I don’t think I want to make this an in-depth analysis of whether these products would make it or even become unicorns(in the case where they are business ideas), I just want to relish in the motivation behind these ideas and how different our lives could become different because of them.

Thanks to Producthunt and the other places where I get ideas from.

Have you recently found or used any product you find interesting? Please suggest it 😊

“Live in the future and build what seems interesting” Paul Graham

Thanks for reading, I hope you learned something from my post. You can reach out on any platform @danieltadeyemi and visit my website where you can sign up for my newsletter to get monthly updates on my progress or what I’m learning.

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