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A few examples to illustrate where programming is useful

The tech example

  • Who else was affected by the issue?
  • Did they call up straight away or did they give up in frustration only calling you after wasting hours?
  • What would happen if you quit and someone replaced you that didn’t know how to fix this issue in 12 minutes? What if it was hours instead?

The office coordinator

James Van Der Beek gets it

The creative

OK, I’m sold, I want to learn to program, how do I learn?

What is the best language for what I want to accomplish?

You want to automate office tasks

You want to automate scientific tasks or web interaction

You need to work with music?

You need to automate things in the Cloud?

I’ll leave you with these points to ponder:

  • Do you have friends that know how to program/code? One thing I’ve learned from working with developers is if you want to learn something, ask them, they are almost always happy to instruct even if it costs them time.
  • Calculate how much time a task really costs, not just once, but every time. Make assumptions that problems and repetitive tasks will go on for years, because in my experience, they do if you let them.
  • If you could automate most monotonous tasks that you do, how much more time would you have and what would you want to do with it?



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