Publish It Anyways — If You’re a Beginner, Read This

Half-ass done is better than not done at all

Vyna Nguyen
May 28, 2020 · 2 min read

I think what makes people reluctant to showcase their content is the adage, “quality over quantity”. I can attest, as I haven’t published anything in months.

If the quality isn’t good, what’s the point, right? As more of my writing gets drafted and videos and photos are stacking up in different files, I’m realizing that I am overly eager to get something done well that it’s not getting done at all.

“Quality over quantity” is in fact, very important in the long-run. I believe that.

However, as a beginner in the content creation world, I think it’s more important to create the content with the best of your abilities and to have it freakin’ published.

How else are we supposed to improve? How else are we going to get feedback?

Are we going to compare our work with someone who has years of experience to justify whether or not our content is good enough to be published? Gah, let’s break away from the comparisons and just consistently create.

As we create and publish consistently, we’ll:

  • learn from the feedback we get from people
  • build the habits that are necessary to be deemed a “content creator”
  • recognize what needs to be improved on with our content and tailor it each time
  • build connections with other creators — the gateway to success and network expansion

Usually, what I’ll do is I’ll write something and have it drafted for many months before I revisit it. Now, I strive to push content out daily, even if it’s half-assed done like this one. Even if it gets zero claps.

If you’re reading this, just get it done. Get it published. Publish it anyways.

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