Quickly Fix Adobe Photoshop Beta Stucks at Splash Screen on M1/ARM Macs

Et cetera
Et cetera
Feb 23 · 2 min read

I ran in this trouble, where Photoshop app can’t be opened, after I used Migration Assistant.app on my MacBook Air from my Intel iMac.

A lot of people suffer from this bug according to a quick research:

Some people reporting that updates to 11.2.1 fixes the issue but not for me, also it can be stucked at “Adding extension… FastCore Routines” or similar screen. Reinstall the Creative Cloud app won’t work because the incriminated files are not overwritten.

The solution is fast: download ad run the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool, unistall all the Adobe app, plus, in order to be sure that nothing from the Intel installation has been forget, I’ve deleted my /Library/Application Support/Adobe folder and some other Adobe files using mdfind from terminal (do it responsibly), emptied the trash, reboot the ARM Mac, reinstall the Creative Suite and Photohop app and it now everything will work again.

The trouble here is that an Intel driver module is imported with Assistant Migration, so the ARM compiled Adobe Photoshop (or other Adobe native ARM apps) legitimately hangs at launch. I was unable to find which is the module in order to find and delete exactly it, after some digging I decided to delete everywthing =)

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