Raising your first $1,000,000

Or, a beginner’s guide to raising a seed round

Mitchell Lee
Dec 21, 2016 · 10 min read
Photo Credit: Me!

See my blog for the most up to date version of this post.

Step 0: To raise or not to raise

Source: Pexels.

Step 1: Get advice

“Have you had wildly conflicting advice from two people in the same day yet? They’re all right, you know. Just don’t choose the average of them; that’s a terrible idea.”

—Startup Founder

Bonus points if you can spot the symbolism in this picture. Source: Pexels.

Step 2: How much is enough

Source: Pexels.

Step 3: Learn to pitch

Disclaimer: no ties were used in the making of our seed round. Photo Credit: Ben Rosett.

Step 4: Hustle

There I go with my symbolism again. Source: Pexels.

Step 5: Close

Step 6: Get back to work

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