The Soul Exhaustion Struggle

Soul exhaustion will drain your spirit in a way you never knew possible.

Megan Minutillo
Jul 11 · 4 min read
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You’re tired.

And it’s the type of tired that has seeped into your bones. You don’t know how to rid yourself of it — it’s become a part of you.

It’s how you function now.

It’s become your new normal.

Feeling like you have energy is a thing of the past. When your friends or loved ones suggest going out to dinner past eight o’clock in the evening, you roll your eyes and give them a half-hearted chuckle — go out? That’s cute. You barely have enough energy to keep your eyelids open at work all day long, let alone go out after you have finished work.

But it’s not just about the immense energy that you need to summon to keep your eyelids open.

It’s that you seem to have no energy to keep your relationships open, either.

It’s too much energy to speak to your loved ones.

It’s too much energy to chat about the things that are pressing upon your heart and soul.

It’s too much energy to disagree with the things that people say that trouble you.

It’s too much energy to hope for the things you’ve been dreaming about — you no longer allow yourself to get excited about the sweet things in life. You’ve been let down one too many times, so now you feel as if you have nothing left to give — and so you don’t let yourself engage.

There’s a reason why you can’t summon the energy for these simple things. There’s a reason why you don’t engage, and let yourself entertain the path unknown — doing so has left you drained of all emotion.

Your soul is exhausted.

And soul exhaustion is all-consuming.

Soul exhaustion will drain your spirit in a way you never knew possible.

Soul exhaustion can feel as if you’re running a marathon without an end. It can seem as if you’re treading water for hours in the middle of the ocean — soul exhaustion can feel like you have no more tears left to cry, that your tear ducts are permanently empty, as is your spirit.

When you’re in the thick of soul exhaustion, the only thing that you want is quiet, and lots and lots of sleep.

When you’re in the thick of soul exhaustion, it’s easy to withdraw — you start to crave solitude because it’s easier than engaging with the people in your life.

When that all happens, I hope you pause for a second. I hope you take a minute to dig deeper. I hope you stop and think about why you are withdrawing from the life that you are living, and resist the urge to give in to the craving completely.

There is a difference between needing alone time and withdrawing from everyone and everything around you because your soul is exhausted.

Recognize that difference, and then take the time to figure out what it is that you need to make your soul feel alive again.

Maybe you need a break from the hustle and bustle of your every day, or perhaps you just need ten minutes to yourself each morning. Maybe you need a new job, or a new routine, or a new group of friends. Maybe you need to speak up for what you need more, and perhaps that means you have to be comfortable with saying “no.”

Maybe it means you need to have your morning cup of coffee in silence or work out more or pay more attention to your finances.

Maybe it means you need to ask for help with your kids, or the household chores, or keeping the juggling act of running a household going.

Maybe it means that you to remind yourself that it’s ok to ask for help, and just because the daily tasks of whatever it is your dealing with are exhausting you, it doesn’t mean that you’re a failure, or a screw-up, or any less of a human.

Maybe you need to breathe for a second.

Whatever it is — give yourself the permission and the space to figure it out. I hope you know that you must take the time — and that the time to make sense of your exhaustion is never going to present itself to you on a silver platter — you must grab onto it without the pomp and circumstance.

Life is a gift to be treasured.

And your soul deserves more than an existence of exhaustion.

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