Read & Write Every Day

Read And Write Every Day

We should all read or write every day. The more original the better; treading the line of difficulty as close as we can.

Reading and writing are a fundamental skills that we’ve collectively adopted, accepted and developed across cultures since the dawn of communication. They evolved out of a necessity to interact and connect or survival. Together they represent our ability to communicate and transfer our thoughts, feelings and sensor inputs.

These are not innate; they’re learned, adapted and strengthened continuously. As our species evolved, so to do our methods of communication and the depth of how we conceptualize and characterize our world. It never stops. But we do. Or at least, we slow down.

Somewhere between our early years and adulthood our progression slows. We learn the basics, getting by on what we’ve got, constantly reacting rather than being of a proactive and progressive mindset. We become of a fairly self-assured and self-sufficient mindset, brushing of the importance, power and difference between communicating and communicating effectively.

In the adult world we’re expected to communicate and collaborate across diverse cultures and with distributed teams. Do we really know how? is what I’m saying, communicating or trying to convey being interpreted as intended? Have I presented my work, myself and my position in a way that can be interpreted as intended?

The struggle is real and the impact can be critical. If we can’t communicate effectively, it’s a long road to the bottom or a lonely spot in the corner and it’s our choice to be more. To serve ourselves and others better by being more empathetic, as well as clear and concise, so we’re not wasting each others time, attention and life.

How? Practice. Consistently and purposeful practice, every day, because we care.

Read or write something every day. The more original or wildly creative the better. This is actively learning how to think from a variety of perspectives and getting more intelligent in the process. You’ll be a better human for it.

In 2017 I Learned How To Read

For the last 5+ years I have read relatively nothing outside of short to medium form publicly available digital words such as articles, blogs or digital magazines.

January 1, 2017 I committed to reading one book. May 31, I finally finished that book.

Then I committed to reading 3 more in the next 6-months. I read them in two.

Then in September I committed to a book a month. Easy. So I bought 6 books for the remainder of the year.

In October I already read two of them. So in November I committed to a book a week.

I read 4 books in November. Plus a couple evening side-books because I wanted some fiction.

So what’s the point of this babble?

Set some reasonable goals and then destroy them. You might be amazed at what they lead to, how your life and mindset change because of them and of course because if you’re not programming your own life, someone else is.

I know what your thinking.. I call bull-shit.

What kinds of books were these? How long were they? There were 250–400 page mixtures of nonfiction philosophy, science, business and of course Tools Of Titans. Message me for a list or some recommendations.

Did you really read and comprehend them? Yes, notes and highlights on each one, next journaling of concepts and applications.

Isn’t that too much consumption of one medium? To balance out I also…

  • Listened to 400+ hours worth podcasts with notes, as well as 200 daily book summaries through ‘Blinkist’ and an audio collection of 150 stoic essays (twice).
  • Completed the entire blog archives-to-present of James Clear and Mark Manson, as well as some free and paid online courses in cool things.
  • Oh ya, and have averages 8.25 to 8.50 hours of sleep per night over the last 11 months. Yes, I track that shit. And yes, it is an absolute life changer to actually commit to tomorrow though today’s intensions.

So ya, it’s been I pretty stellar stretch for 2017 thus far. Moral of the story is never stop learning and challenging yourself. Set some reasonable goals and then absolutely destroy them at every chance you get.

I’m also planning to commit / purchase 15–20 books for 2018, so share some recommendations!

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