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My Experience after Working Remotely for Some Years

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What tools do I use for remote working?

Slack / Discord



Trello / Jira

  • The card describes the task or issue to work on, and it must be estimated in form of points.
  • Each team defines how many points correspond to actual time. All these cards are created in the “backlog”.
  • When you pick up a card you move it to the “in progress” column.
  • When it’s finished you move it to the “ready for QA” (or similar) column to be verified.
  • If everything is ok, it can be moved to some column like “done”, so at the end of the sprint the team know how many cards have been finished and verified to deploy all the code to production.
  • It is usual that some cards need more work, in that case they are moved to the “reopened” column to be picked up again and continue working on them. Thanks to Git branches we can switch to any feature easily.

Figma / Marvel / Invision

Zoom / Microsoft Teams / Skype / Google Meet


The worst part about remote working




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