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Repurpose Content: Strategies That Work

What Are the Benefits When You Repurpose Content?

Connie Ragen Green — Repurpose Your Content: Strategies That Work

Do you repurpose content to your community on a regular basis? Delivering consistent, valuable, informative, and useful content to your audience will ensure that they become loyal to you. They’ll become lifelong customers and fans who will want to share what you’re publishing because it’s so easy to understand. People learn in different ways, and you’ll show that you care about your audience by providing different ways for them to consume your content.

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But, where and how are you going to get all the content created? You can outsource, of course, but it’s important to understand how to come up with the different ideas for content creation that get results. Let’s look at some different ways to repurpose content so that you get more out of the work that you do.

If you have affiliates, create content for them to repurpose too. Create blog posts, emails series, images, infographics and more, giving them permission to recreate it into a different form if they desire to help their audience want to buy what you’re selling. Use what you create in your own email messages and marketing too.

If you write articles for any publication at all, depending on your agreement with the publication you can save them and compile them to use in a book, as the basis for research, to create infographics, and more. When you write an article for any reason, it can be broken up into blog posts, or expanded and combined to become a book. You can also hand an article off to another writer and ask them to make it new again by rewriting it in a different way.

Sometimes it’s easier to just record what you’re thinking and then you can let someone else transcribe it. But you can also take any book and any article and turn it into an audio book. People love listening to books when they travel and exercise. You can even take a podcast series and turn it into an audio book.

A blog post can become a magazine article, the start of a book, the basis of a video for YouTube, or the subject matter of a webinar. A blog post with statistics in it can be repurposed into an infographic or a meme. If you have written a super-long blog post, turn it into a series of five to ten posts with internal linking.

The ideas will become endless as you start thinking of the work you do as just the start of the research. You’ve already done the research, so you may as well use what you know to create more and repurpose content steadily.

Have you written a book or have you purchased a PLR eBook with rights to reuse how you see fit? If so, you can take any book and turn it into individual blog posts, a PowerPoint presentation, an e-course, and the topic of a webinar. Just take apart the eBook, add some of your own content such as new images, and you can turn any book into something else with just a little effort.

Don’t think that just because you’re online, you don’t need a brochure. You can create it as part of your about page or media page. Put it in PDF form so that they can download it, but also put it online so they can read it there. Expand on each area of the brochure online by linking to larger explanations for your offerings.

If you don’t have case studies on your clients yet, then you’ll want to create some. It’s easy to do. All you do is send them a questionnaire, or you can interview them personally using Skype or Get the interview transcribed and you have a case study.

Once you have a case study you can create a blog post, add experts to your email marketing, break out parts to use as testimonials, include portions in press releases, put part of it into a book, use as examples in webinars, videos and podcasts, and promote via social media. You may even be able to get your case study published in a trade publication.

If you have a popular blog or website with a lot of content, you can syndicate your work. The way to do this is to use a syndication network. This will enable you to get your blogs and articles in front of more views. Even CNN has promoted stories — just go to their home page. Check out or for more information about syndicating your content.

One of the best ways to repurpose content is to reuse it as customer questions. This can also be audience questions. For example, if you are involved in groups on Facebook where your ideal customers ask questions and talk to each other, this is wonderful fodder for blog posts, webinars, YouTube videos, and even entire books. If you have customers who ask questions about your products after you answer them directly, turn your answer into a blog post and add these issues to your FAQs.

Depending upon the type of business you have, there may be cause for creating product demonstrations. This is a great way to create content. Once you create the demonstration, you’ll notice that you need expanded blogs and guides to help give your audience more information about your products and services. This increases the ways to repurpose content.

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