Running a Business on the Road

This past year I have begun traveling far more than I ever have. Simultaneously we have been growing as a company at the same rate. Here are three things I have learned over the last year about running a business while being on the road (or in the sky).

Memphis, TN | Nov 30th 2017 @ 4:45pm


The world is mobile. So much of your work can be done from a phone anymore. Email, social media, messaging. It’s all right in your pocket. If you are concerned about your time, embracing the power of your phone is essential. The people who worry about traveling and not getting anything done are the ones who are not taking advantage of the time they have while traveling.

Think about a 3 hour flight. How much work do you get done in three hours in the office? Why can’t you get that same work done in the sky? Your job requires a computer or laptop? Work on something that doesn’t that you have been putting off. Write a Medium post with the notepad on your phone (guess what I am doing right now). You need WiFi? Most flights have a WiFi upgrade. Is it pricey for the speeds you get and the time you are using it? Sure, but I promise if you are focused, you can get enough work done in 3 hours to cover the cost of that wifi.

As the CEO of Pixel Labs, 80% of my work can be done from my phone. I manage meetings, schedule events, engage with social media, put out fires in the office, everything. As my role becomes more focused, that percentage will only increase. I’m sitting here writing this Medum post while watching an episode of DailyVee. That’s how bananas this world is and how mobile everything can be. No longer are we tied to our desks at the office. We can work from anywhere.

The Team Matters

Having a team that you can trust to get shit done in the office makes a massive difference in how effective you can be when traveling. If you can fly off to a shoot or a client meeting and you know there is a team that is keeping all the moving parts running back at the office, you are able to focus on you and take care of your tasks. The excuse that when you are gone, nothing is being worked on in the office doesn’t work.

The key part of this is to make sure you are crystal clear with your team on what needs to get done. I have a production director that helps me out with that when I am traveling. Even when he is traveling with me, he make sure the team is set with projects that need attention while we are gone. Communication goes hand in hand with this. The team at HQ needs to have access to you as if you were right there in the office. Check-ins are good, but if you trust your team, you shouldn’t have to.

Build a team you trust, let them do their thing and you will be set to jet when it comes time to hop on the road for that next trip.

Family Appreciation

As a husband and father, it adds a dynamic to traveling that not everyone has to worry about, but for those that do, it can be tricky. This is how I handle it.

My wife, Samantha, is a phenomenal wife who holds our fort down while I am gone. With two firecracker kids, a job, and all of the activities our kids are in, this isn't an easy job. I have this rock at home that makes sure everything is taken care of. The only way this works is with constant communication. She tells me what she needs from me before I leave and I tell her what will make the trip smoother for me. We both work together to make it through every trip.

The kids are a little trickier. They are now getting to the point that they understand when I am gone for more than a day. I can see it affects them. Spending a little extra time with them the night before or the morning of the trip and giving them some extra hugs and kisses makes that "see you soon" a little easier.

Technology makes things better as well. The ease of a quick video chat to say goodnight or ask how their day is going makes them feel like you are right there for a bit. It doesn’t make the trip any shorter, but it makes it easier for them. Making sure this 5 or 10 minutes is a priority is important when you have a family.

Traveling is only as hard as you make it.

I’ve learned a lot about traveling and running a business over the last year and every time it gets a little easier. One thing for certain I have learned is it is only as hard as you make it. The more effort you put into people, work, and your personal relationships, the easier any trip will be. Dont beat yourself up over it. It’s a trial and error thing for everyone and with a few trips you will figure out what works for you.

Oh, one last thing. Anker battery packs are life savers! I went through 40% of my battery writing this post!

Let me know in the comments the tricks you use to make traveling easier.

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