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Saving Santa’s IT Architecture With AI and Cognitive Services

Automatic email detection, text and image processing, Logic Apps, Functions, Notebooks & more!

Architecture Overview of Solution
YouTube video where I do the solution walkthrough

Overview of solution

Needed resources for this solution
example of an email from a kid that would trigger our pipelines

1 & 2: Email detection with Logic Apps and cleaning with custom Azure Functions

Logic app final flow with a few adjustments (like saving the email text as email.json for ease in this tutorial)

3. A. Text analytics notebook

The results collected from the complete notebook run going through the different cognitive services

3. B. Custom vision module

The sample images I used for the classifier module (from a google search for pictures)

4. A. Get Databricks data straight from the data lake

4. B. Run the Databricks notebook as a blob-triggered pipeline from ADF

You can see the Notebook step with the input parameters and the Blob Trigger activation in the Azure Data Factory Screen

5. Aggregating the results

Example of a possible PowerBI dashboard formed from the resulting data.

Possible extensions to this solution:

The End.

Merry Christmas!!!



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