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Whenever you plan to start a new website or a new business venture, one of the most challenging and time-consuming task is to find a brandable and catchy domain name for your website.

In this post, I would not only show you how to find a brandable and catchy domain name, but I would also show you, how to find a domain name which is short, easy to pronounce and ends with a .com extension.

Let’s get started…

The Tool is the website, which we would be using to find such great domain names.

It’s like the Google for expired domains. At the time of writing this post, it has over 300 million domain names available for us to choose from, for our next website.

I would highly recommend you to sign up to this website (It’s completely FREE).

The drawback for not signing up and logging into the website is. It would limit the number of domains it shows up in the search results, as well as, it limits the number of filters, which could be applied to refine the search results (without using filters, we wouldn’t be able to find such great domain names).

Below is how the screen would look, once we have logged into the (Members Area).

Now let’s click on Domains, follow the markup, as shown in the image below.

The Refinement Process

If you look at the search results displayed in the image shown below, we have got over two million .com domain names available to choose for our next website.

Finding a great domain in such a vast list is almost next to impossible.

A Quick Tip: The lesser the domain names in the search results, the quicker and better chances of finding a cool and catchy domain name.

So we need to refine these search results, by applying filters to it.

Let’s apply a few filters so that we get rid of some unwanted domain names from our search result.

To access the filters, click on Show Filter, follow the markup, as shown in the image below.

Below is how the filter settings page would look, before applying any filters.

I believe these settings are quite self-explanatory and I don’t think they would require any explanation (Just in case, if you need more info on any of the filter, give me a shout, I would try my best to explain it).

Now let’s apply a few more filters, by following the mark-up as shown in the image below.

This is how the results would look after the filters have been applied.

One thing we could immediately notice is that the domain names are much more readable.

The domain search results got reduced to 25 thousand from 2 million, which is just awesome.

But still, looking for a great domain name in a list of around 25 thousand domain names would also be a nightmare (we would look at how to further refine the search results in the next section).

Quickly glancing the above results, it immediately grabbed my attention on few domain names, that looked cool and catchy to me., great domain for booking or reservation related websites., catchy and brandable, right domain name to launch a new product or service., a great domain name for a website dealing with veggie and dairy products., highly brandable domain name to launch a new food brand., superb and catchy domain name for an online book store or library (Also it would be an excellent choice for a cafe with a library or book store).

A Quick Fact: Owning a cool and catchy domain name is always a rewarding digital asset (Here is a list of domain names, that have been sold for millions of dollars in the past).

Doing Further Refinement

Just by changing the max (maximum) length of the domain name from 8 characters to 6 characters within the filter settings (keeping rest all settings the same), brought down the search results to a little over thousand domain names, which is brilliant.

Finding a great domain name within a list of thousand domain names wouldn’t be a challenging task.

Again, a few domain names quickly grabbed my attention., great domain for a website dealing with robots or robotics., fantastic domain for website related to dogs., short and catchy, ideal for an online clipboard website., a premium sounding domain to launch the next Facebook., catchy and brandable, great domain to launch bread products., short and catchy, a premium domain for fitness related website.

Exploring Domains for a Particular Market

Let’s say you plan to launch a website related to fitness products, for which you need a short, catchy and brandable domain name.

The first thing I would do, whenever I have to look for domain name specific to a particular market or a niche, I start looking for domain names that are either beginning or ending or containing a keyword specific to that market or niche.

Considering our fitness related scenario, “fit” would be an ideal keyword to look for, within a domain name.

Let’s get started…

To explore domain names starting with the word “fit”, we just need to specify the word “fit” within the “stars with” option (as shown in the image below).

There are 53 domain names available, starting with the word “fit”.

Here are few domain names which caught my immediate attention., shorty and catchy., great for launching the next Fitbit., catchy and brandable, would be great for an app related to quitting smoking., excellent for website related to cheese for fitness freaks., great for launching the next treadmill brand., great for launching the next Fitbit or fitness app.

Now let us look at exploring domain names ending with the word “fit”, we just need to specify the word “fit” within the “ends with” option (as shown in the image below).

Although, it ended up with 68 domains, ending with the word “fit” and which are up to 8 characters long.

As you may notice from the above search results, it wasn’t that fruitful.

As it didn’t yield enough domain names, that were neither catchy nor brandable to me.

You need to keep experimenting by changing various filter settings.

The Wrap-Up

There is a huge demand for a great domain name, especially the ones that are ending with a .com extension.

By following the process explained in this post, it should ease up your domain search process and should help you find a cool and awesome domain name for your next website.

Hope you found this post to be informative. Please do not hesitate to keep 👏👏👏👏👏 for it (An Open Secret: You can clap up to 50 times for a post, and the best part is, it wouldn’t cost you a dime), also feel free to share it across. This really means a lot to me.

Before you say goodbye…

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