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Secrets of Apple’s Algorithm

What Apple Think of Themselves


Apple is a company that has a world presence and is known all over for its exclusivity. Apple has come a long way since it began in the year 1976. Today it has achieved so much that a company only dreams of achieving. Its achievement is partly because of Steve Jobs who made the company what it is today. Apple is the type of company that tries to represent themselves in the minutest of the details. Many companies when they become big to try this but Apple is on a whole another level when it comes to hardware design and logo implementation. Apple truly is a seamless integration of world-class hardware and world-class software.

Apple’s Newly Launched iPhone 12 Series

Apple’s operating system has a long-standing rivalry with the Android operating system. Some believe that iOS is better, some believe Android is better. We all know this is a never-ending discussion and everything comes with merits and demerits so does these two.

Logo Transformation of “Apple Inc. “Over the Years.

The 3 Key attributes Apple focuses on:
1. They must be easy to use, from the initial setup to the way back you interact with it every day.
2. They are designed to work together, seamlessly and intuitively.
They are also designed to protect your privacy.

Did you make the right choice? or are you considering switching to the other OS, to know better refer to this article:

Apple’s Founders:-

Apple is the product of a genius and it is none other than the mighty Steve Jobs. At the very start of the company, there were a total of 3 founders named Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. But as of now only 2 of them are famous because Ronald didn’t believe in the company and bailed out by selling his 10% share for $800. If by some miracle if he wouldn’t have sold those shares it would be around $200 Billion in today’s money.

Theses 3 products have been sold the most on the planet, one being the Rubics Cube, other being the Harry Potter books and last being the iPhone.

Apple always seems to respect Steve Jobs instead of some instances where they fired him from his own company and later Apple bought “NeXT” (the company Steve started after getting fired) which bought Steve back into Apple. Steve was bought after the problems that arose in the company when they were down on sales and were not in a good position generally. After coming to Apple Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone to the world and everything in the technological world changed from that moment.

This the Actual Garage where Steve Jobs and Wozniak founded Apple.

Steve Jobs was a perfectionist as all the products that he launched were nothing short of a masterpiece, every product from iPod to iPhone to iMac. He was a genius in the marketing department as every product his company made was the most sold product in that category. Only one shortcoming he had was that he was not very good with the knowledge of technology as it is said he never wrote a single line of code himself rather Steve Wozniak was the brains of the company at the very start.
On 5th October 2011, Steve Jobs died from pancreatic cancer.
This date will always be remembered as a bad day in the tech world.

The actual reason which leads to the death of the Genius, watch the video to know more:

Earlier the name of the Apple was ‘Apple Computer Inc.’ but after the launch of the original iPhone in 2007, the name was officially changed to just ‘Apple Inc.’


Apple is a type of company that thinks not 10 or 20 but 50 years in the future. It has a vision that it likes to follow. That’s why some of the features that it introduces are already there in its android counterpart for years. It doesn't directly think from the perspective of a customer but it rather focuses on its market share and capitalization and its long-term image in the people’s mind. Apple doesn't think of itself as a technology company but a luxury technology company.

Unlike Google, Apple’s most of the focus is on the hardware side. You can easily find an Apple device that someone is carrying to be 5 years old. Most other tech products don't last long. No doubt Apple provides a brilliant software experience but Google outpaces them by just.

Killing Products:-

Apple has a history of launching breathtaking releases in the field of tech. It is also a type of company that can kill its products for the success of other products. Take the iPod for example, the launch of the original iPhone was published to integrate 3 products in it including the iPod and indeed everyone will agree what a great kill that was. When the original iPhone was launched, it changed people's thinking of what a phone could do. To your surprise, it was launched on 19th June 2007 and it was the 1st screen touch phone on the planet. The OS at the launch was not called iOS but was called an extended version of Mac OS.

Other Way Around:-

Apple tests everything rigorously before releasing it to the public. It is so intense that Apple users have to wait for a few years to be implemented in their phones. No doubt Apple puts Billions of Dollars in R&D but it waits for the reaction of people to a particular new addition to phones until it provides the users with their version, which sometimes is even better than what is out there. In the early days of smartphones, it was the other way around Apple used to be the company that was first to something but nowadays Android is ahead in that department.

In my opinion, considering the fact that I have a decent experience using their products, Apple is a company that is self constrained and puts themselves first before their customer and I don't blame them because as a business they are allowed to do so but recently they have grown so much that they should change it a bit.
For example, each tech company sends its products to journalists to be examined beforehand but Apple you guessed it, never does it. And considering the fact that their products are over-engineered but they are also highly overpriced, they were the ones to start the $1,000 price range of phones as a result, companies started making their phones to be priced similarly, and sometimes it gets even higher. The basic version Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra would cost you a cool $1,400.


The world that we live in today has been shaped by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. They were the giants that created our world which we enjoy today. No doubt, Bill Gates is among the richest even today and Apple being the richest company by some considerable margin today.

3 Apples have changed our world, first one seduced Eve, second fell on Newton and the 3rd one reinvented technlogy the Apple iPhone.

Market Capitalization:-

Apple is a beautiful company in the way it is operated and maintained in the industry that’s why they have surpassed the $2 Trillion mark in the NASDAQ, making it the first company to do so in modern history. Mind that there have been many companies that have done such a feat in the past but in recent years Apple is the first. It has made such a good impression on people’s minds that they are running to buy Apple stocks and they don’t hesitate to put down their deposits in the name of Apple.

Apple stock is currently trading at $116 per share (under the intial AAPL) with total outstanding share of 17.103 billion at the time of writing this article.
Multiplying them will give us the market capitalization.

Revenue Streams of Apple Inc.


  • Apple is the first company in modern history to hit the $2 Trillion valuation mark on Nasdaq.
  • Apple never sends its products by ships instead it ships them by air, for multiple obvious reasons.
  • Samsung makes iPhone’s OLED display. And FYI it’s not that Samsung can copy the tech that is inside these screens instead they need to develop their own formula for making such brilliant screens. It is all patented technology and can only be used by the one who invented it.
  • Apple was the very first one to introduce mouse in personal computers. This was a radical design at the time which ultimately changed the world.
  • Apple is the very company that brought the concept of personal computers to the general public. Mind it, it was not Microsoft, as many people would guess it.

Apple’s B’day is celebrated on 1st April, 1976. How ironic?


  • Apple puts so much R&D in its products that amaze us all when we come across to see the brilliance of it. Here are some:-
    1. Apple’s Touch ID could not be opened with a dead person’s fingerprint, even if the fingerprint was registered with his finger. The sensor can tell the difference between a dead and an alive person.
    2. Whenever you put the Apple pencil on the table, the logo and the initial “Apple Pencil” always stays on the top and the pencil never rolls on a table unless it is very slanted.
    3. Apple was the first company to implement a screen touch on its phones. I couldn’t imagine how the world of smartphones would have looked now if it wasn’t for them.
  • Whenever a new iPhone is launched there is a huge gathering of journalists who are invited by Apple to come to see their event. In that event, everything that is shown or done is for a purpose.
    Take the time shown on the iPhone screen for example. It always shows the time 9:41 am. You may be amazed to know this as this is done to honor the launch of the original iPhone in the year 2007 by Steve Jobs. When Jobs turned the screen ON of his iPhone it showed the time 9:41 am. It is followed ever since.
  • The launch of the original iPhone was one of the most revolutionary things in the field of tech. Steve Jobs knew about the impact that the launch would create on the world. So he made the development phase of the phone super secretive. It was so secretive in fact that the software team developing the software of the phone was not allowed to see the hardware team before the launch of the phone.
    Also, the iPhone was the first phone to implement Gorilla Glass on the screen. Steve was looking for a company that would make durable glass for phones. He stumbled upon the company which makes Gorilla glass and asked them to be the manufacturer for their phone. Turns out the technology required to make the glass was developed by them about half a century ago and it was sitting on the shelf as they couldn’t find any use for it.
  • The best selling smartphone or screen touch phone was the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Together they clocking at more than 220 million units sold worldwide. It was due to the fact that it came with a new dynamic design language which was a departure from the boxy shape of the previous generation phones. This design language is still carried out to its latest flagship to this day.
The most successful iPhone 6 and 6 Plus


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