Seeking [Exponential] Growth Online? You Must ‘Borrow’ & Side-Step Booby Traps.

AND turn what you don’t have into yours

Aldric Chen
The Startup


2 guys having a discussion with their laptops.
Borrow = FastER growth. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I am obsessed with growth.

Online growth. Wealth accumulation. Career advancement.

I am unafraid to share my deepest, darkest thoughts about this topic. I seek growth. There is never one moment where I sit in a café thinking it’s time to live my life on a defense.

Nay. That’s a losing proposition.

The best way to illustrate this foolish [manner of] thinking is to bet your retirement with savings. You will lose everything to inflation.

Or believe you are a famous personality because you have 5-digit followers. That’s BS.

Of course, we must have viable tactics on top of high-level thinking.

How do we grow without killing ourselves with an endless grind?

Many people hate the word ‘borrow’. But there is more to it.

Financial borrowing has been touted as the apex, penultimate financial evil.

“Stop borrowing!”

“Cut your credit cards!”



Aldric Chen
The Startup

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