Self-Reflection Prompts to Objectively Review Your Goals Every Month

Because it’s important to remind ourselves about the motive of our goals, the purpose of our pursuit, and why we fixed those goals in the first place.

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Especially in our day and age, our generation has emphasized on glorifying the ‘hustle’ culture. As time goes on, many of us may have inadvertently allowed our self-worth to be judged based on how productive we are.

Hence, it is important to remind ourselves about the motive of our goals, the purpose of our pursuit, and why we fixed those goals in the first place. These are some examples of self-reflection prompts that can help in reviewing your goals monthly (or whenever you feel like checking in with yourself!):

Do I fix unrealistic deadlines for my goals?

When we have many tasks on our plate all at once, it’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed. On top of that, the expectations we have of ourselves can also be our downfall.

“I want to get this done as soon as possible”, “I could fit in another project/idea if I finish this tonight.” Though our culture rewards productivity, we cannot forget the importance of managing the reality of our expectations. Is this deadline that I set for myself reasonable? Is this current task a top priority, or should something be shifted up? Reflecting on whether your goals are realistic to achieve within the time frame you have will help to 1) get things done, and 2) prevent you from burning out. Spacing out your tasks or re-organizing a task’s priority will help you with this.

How can I motivate myself to accomplish my goal?

One of the things many of us may struggle with is motivating ourselves long-term. It’s normal to be excited and pumped when you first start on a project idea. However, the novelty of the idea may wear off as you progress working on it.

There are countless motivation ideas, reward systems, and affirmations that are accessible online. With all these resources, we can switch up the way we motivate ourselves whenever we feel like it. We may have experienced periods where we just feel tired and worn out. Trying out something new may help to motivate us to get our tasks done. You can try moving things around your schedule (e.g maybe blocking out a time to rest or being from your phone), trying out new tactics (e.g using the Pomodoro technique to have a system of both work and a break), or changing up/decorating your workspace area!

What do I know now that I didn’t a month ago?

When our identity is shaped by a culture of productivity, it is hard to not get down on ourselves when we do not accomplish our goals. Setting aside time to acknowledge our progress will help us to visualize our efforts adding up towards the bigger picture (the overall goal).

Goals do not necessarily have to relate to a project or a task — they can also be the growth of our character or taking better care of ourselves. “One month ago I did not know how to do [this task], but now, I know more about it!” A month ago, I was submitting a pitch for a project. Now, a month later, I am working on said project. Having this self-reflection is encouraging, as you realize that you are learning more (about yourself/the project/the task) and progressing in your work!

What is a habit I picked up that I need to let go of?

This question may be a difficult pill to swallow, but an important one to face. When we become stressed or overwhelmed, we may run to or pick up habits that are unhealthy or damaging to us. Self-reflection helps us to face the problem, and it can kick-start our search for alternative ways to relieve our stress.

What’s one thing about myself I would like to improve on?

We’ve celebrated our progress, patted ourselves on the back, and kept ourselves motivated. Here comes the dreaded question: What’s next?

This self-reflection prompt can help in guiding us towards planning out our next month (or anytime in the future). What is something I can work on to be better at? What do I need to prioritize more next month? We may want to focus more on our physical health, mental health, balancing time for work and rest, setting aside time to be with our loved ones and ways to avoid burnout.

I hope that these self-reflection prompts will help you in reviewing your goals and your progress! Remember to pat yourself on the back for your progress from last month too.



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