Sharing Our Latest Investor Update In Public

I’m no expert on managing investors. My only experience so far has been in the months following our seed round. As an early stage startup, I’ve been told over and over that the 🔑 is to keep our investors engaged and informed. The easiest way to do that is through monthly updates.

Buffer’s public investor updates

I’ve gone through a few iterations of Mapme’s monthly update. Here’s how it’s gone so far:

  • First few months: made one up on the go, added sections, removed sections. Wasn’t very effective. Here’s a snippet from one of them.
  • Next few months: good, bad and ugly. While this is a good way to be self critical, I didn’t find this to be a good format to share interesting info. Here’s a clip from this version.
  • This month: Brenden Mulligan’s format. So far it seems to be the best yet, I feel like I’m able to convey a lot more relevant info for investors.

In keeping up with “transparency,” making our dashboards public, opening up our deck for others to use, I wanted to publish our latest investor update.

It’s a scary thing to share. There might be sensitive plans, metrics, and other things you don’t want people to know about. But I wanted to give it a go. 🎯

Here’s our update for December.

Click here to see

At the top of the post I put a screenshot from one of Buffer’s investor updates. They’re incredible. My latest posts are 100% inspired by their open culture.

Have any suggestions for other formats? Tips? Feedback? Love to hear in the comments below. 💯

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