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Sketch is not a UX design tool

The popular design app for Mac is a refined evolution of the “pen-and-paper simulator”, but does not attempt to model user experiences. Even the people who built an entire React renderer just to be able to use Sketch for UX design are looking to switch away from it. The future is somewhere else.

Drawing vector graphics was one of the very first professional applications for personal computers. In those Wild West days of the late 1970s, as soon as there was a microprocessor and a display device of even bearable quality, you would also find the brave hacker trying to somehow squeeze linear algebra algorithms and detailed model data into as little as 64K of memory. Some of them succeeded, a few even made billions — my favorite startup book The Autodesk File is the unedited account of the meteoric rise of one such company.

A Roland DXY-100 plotter from 1982



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