Skills To Reconnect To Your Genius

Lucy Crisetig
Mar 10, 2018 · 5 min read

One of the greatest things for me to learn was getting out of my head.

Looking back, I had learned that to be the way the world works. So I spent decades in my head, believing every thought that came up. Ruminating and sometimes steaming about the past, fearing or expecting something specific from the future.

These ‘skills’ didn’t help me work through any of the challenges life brought my way.

I believed the stronger my thinking was, the better I could figure out my life and the smoother it would go.

I’d let go of any real attention to my body. As long as it had food when required, a bit of exercise and warmth — I thought it was covered.

So it came as a surprise to discover I’d actually left myself bare.

I’d been dumbing down a major part of me — the Genius part — my body and its intuitive knowledge.

A Way Of Knowing

Creativity had always been a big part of my life. I’d let go of it completely for a number of years when starting a business and raising my children took top priority.

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I’ve dabbled in most forms of ‘art’ that people normally think of, from graphics to ceramics to drawing and painting.

It was all long forgotten, until one day a good friend and I got to talking about the projects we’d created in college.

In a flurry of excitement and expectation we dug up my old portfolio. Something I hadn’t even really thought of for years.

We finally found it. The portfolio my mother had made me when I’d started college in 1979.

It was stashed away in the back of my basement storage area. I pulled it out, dusty and falling apart.

My excitement at the thought of seeing what I had stored in there grew. I finally found the pull tab of the zipper — rust had fused it shut!

We looked at each other in disbelief.

I decided, “It’s falling apart anyway… I’ll cut it open”.

So I did.

The moment I took my work out and looked at it, I felt a wave of goose bumps flood my body, only it seemed in my mind like sparkles. Then an overwhelming remembering of joy rose up as the goose bumps spilled down.

That embodied feeling spoke volumes.

I was suddenly hyper-aware of my body as all the memories of creating and expressing came flooding back to me.

I think of myself as one who ‘creatively senses’.

Whether it’s drawing, painting or colouring, being ‘creative’ is so much more than dabbling with art materials — it’s a way of sensing, of thinking, of being — of connecting.

Over the past 10 years or so I’ve studied many programs involving human psychology and personal growth — but none have made an impact as powerful as Creative Mindfulness.

I’m running a course beginning March 12, 2018 using Creative Mindfulness called Generate Your Inner Genius. If you’d like to find out more,

“We have a natural ability called Neuroplasticity, which means that if we learn new knowledge and have new experiences, we can develop new networks or circuits of neurons, and literally change our mind.” — Dr. Joe Dispenza

Skills For Change

Creative Mindfulness can be transformational. It brings together cutting edge methods of human growth, the mind-body connection (mindfulness), as well as art therapy (creativity) into an assembly of practical life skills.

These processes have helped me reconnect my mind and body so I became ‘whole’ — in the full sense of this word.

Going from just believing every thought that came up and reacting from that, to a fully authentic and integrated human.

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Fully present and mindfully attuned.

This allowed me to discover how to release emotions and painful events more easily so they didn’t have the power to drag me down with them and control my mind for me.

Instead, I could recognize life patterns that ‘repeated’ and create new healthier patterns of living and being.

I could ground myself when challenging emotions or situations came up to be present during those times, not lost in thought.

I could hear more clearly what others were communicating to be more authentic and deepen relationships.

Norman Doidge says, “Nothing speeds brain atrophy more than being immobilized in the same environment.”

Creative Mindfulness together with other programs I’d studied literally transformed my outlook, and how I show up every day to my work, my children, my family, my friends — the world outside of me.

Opportunities for change surround us everyday.

It’s when we are present and engaged that they become apparent to us.

Think of the opportunities that were missed because you’ve been vacant in your body, sitting in your mind, while it’s been adrift in the distance.

Have faith in yourself.

Know you are resilient.

Make a decision.

And take action.

You are more than you believe.

Download my e-booklet “Generate Your Inner Genius” by signing up on my website .

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