So, you want to quit your job

Before you do, consider some things about you and your career

Filipe Trabbold
May 14, 2019 · 3 min read

I’m writing this because I got in a funky situation when I handed my letter to HR’s desk. This journey started when I was already 4,5 years in the same company. Was about time for a change, so, I quit. I had a three months notice period (Germany, right?) and I felt confident enough — mainly because I had some interviews and good contacts going on.

A month later, my profile got rejected by the most promising companies I was talking to. I went back in my memory: how easy it was to get a job four years ago… What was going on?

I still had another shots and in the end I could always come back to freelancing, but after talking to so many people and getting “no’s” you start questioning yourself:
“Am I good enough? Have I said something wrong? Is it the salary I’m asking for? ”

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I have learned some important things in the course and I hope this can help you too.

Things you might want to consider before you quit:

Are you Senior? Jr? Professional? Leader level? It’s crucial to have a very clear understanding about that. I was applying for senior positions but I wasn’t exactly there yet.

I remember this specific case: cool company, amazing interviews with challenging questions. I got invited in and I found myself in a room full of designers. The design challenge was a to run a workshop. It got very clear that I wasn’t prepared for that. Was a mess.

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Be honest with yourself, where do you need to improve? Where do you have a lot of knowledge? What are you already studying? Talk about it in interviews, be transparent, show will to learn something new. Be prepared to notice where you didn’t go well in an interview and talk about this. This might bring some points to you or at least you will learn something from that.

Referrals don’t come from the people you follow on Twitter or LinkedIn (or Medium?). Talk to other peers, get in touch, reach the ones you admire, share ideas and ask questions. Answer questions too. Go to conferences and meet ups. This might make your way in to companies very much faster.

Interviews are repetitive. Very. Repetitive. Apply to companies you don’t want to work for. You will do calls with recruiters and/or other peers. This will shape your pitch better and you will improve from question to question.

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Once you’ve practiced enough and you feel more comfortable with your pitch, go ahead and apply to these you really would like to work for.

Don’t get me wrong, even though they can be repetitive, interviews are also a way to start relationships. Even you don’t get to work with that person, you can still keep in touch. You might get an offer in the future or they could refer you somewhere else. It worked for me, by the way :)

I always encouraged people to quit without a new position. This makes you move your ass, put some pressure on yourself. I still do, but it’s good to reflect a bit what you want next and if you are prepared for it.

Adding to that, although you need to consider your skills to rock on your interviews, you should also consider your financial situation or even a potential issue with your Visa, if you are working abroad.

Nevertheless, don’t wait too much, if you are unhappy, take an action about that.

Big thanks to Vinicius Hana for the review and help on this piece :)

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