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Illustration by Katya Obyedkova

Social Media is the New Refined Sugar

Illustration by Katya Obyedkova
Illustration by Katya Obyedkova
  • Funding Source.
  • Factual accuracy.
  • Percentage of original reporting. According to a PEW study, “fully eight out of ten stories studied simply repeated or repackaged previously published information.” (9) Original reporting takes time, effort, and resources. Once a story is released it is very easy to copy.
  • Independent identification and pursuit of a story. It is hard to believe that a journalist is able to serve the interests of the public when the ratio of PR to stories created by journalists stands at 86–14. (9)
  • Expert-driven coverage versus insider coverage versus an investigator coverage.
  • Insights based on data. Looking at data for most people is much less fun that reading a story about what that data means. A writer who can see a story in data is incredibly valuable.
  • Custom made assets. This can include original and hard to produce photography/audio/video.
  • Political leaning: Neutral, leaning left/right, extreme left/right. In other words, how does the story fit into the world? A first step is Huffington Post’s interactive tool for exploring news organizations’ biases across a wide spectrum of issues.
Illustration by Katya Obyedkova
  4., Michael Moss
  8. “The Death and Life of American Journalism”, Robert W. McChesney and John Nichols



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