Start Now Figure It Out Later

And it’s easier than you think

Eve Arnold
The Startup


Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

For all the thinking, planning, preparing and reassessing, one thing remains true, in order to make progress, you must start.

For a long time, I would convince myself I was being productive by busying myself with activities that would prepare me for the time when I would then finally take the plunge and do the doing.

Case in point, my first business attempt.

The sock empire

Back in 2016, I’d just graduated from university and I’d started a graduate scheme — my first real job.

I was exhausted from the commute, the new environment and the early starts but I decided that I had to build something on the side — this couldn’t be my life. Admittedly I was quite disappointed with the fact that I’d rushed out of university, restless, ready to start the world of work, only to find that working life was not all it had cracked up to be.

So I started (well, prepared for) a sock business. I spent months researching socks, refining the packaging, finding the right website designer, and spending money on printers, labeling equipment — you name it, I bought it.

It was months and months of prep. I would get home at 6:30 pm, throw some beige food in the oven, pop up my…