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Stop Comparing Python to JavaScript

Settling the Debate About One Language over the Other

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Python versus JavaScript has always been an interesting topic. For some reason, some people believe that JavaScript can be used to build anything, whereas others believe that the same is true for Python. The reality is that anything can be built using any language. Beginners are always confused about which to choose. The choice of a language to start with should depend on various aspects such as interest ( Web development, Android development, iOS development, system software ), career prospect, use case, and other personal preferences. Having a little bit of knowledge about a specific language is important because it gives an overall view of what you will be diving into. Allow me to give you an overview so that you will be able to make an informed decision at the end of this article.

Let’s start with Python, shall we? Right off the bat, the language supports multiple programming paradigms. It has applications in almost all the different areas within the tech industry. It is widely popular as the first preference for data science because of the wide range of packages available for data manipulation, visualization, and pre-processing. As you very well know, you can use Python for web development. For some reason, people assume they cannot do software development with Python. It is a wrong assumption. To develop Android applications, for example, using Python, you need only learn frameworks like Kivy and BeeWare.

Python comes with a wide range of libraries to enable you to build better software with reusable code. Libraries speed up the development process and open the door for innovation. Some of the top libraries are OpenCV, Mahotas, SimplelTK, for image processing, Snap, Request, Pylons project, TurboGears, for web dev, Tensorflow, Theano, Sci-kit Learn, Scipy, for data science, and many more. When it comes to web frameworks, two main frameworks usually pop up, Django and Flask. Since this is a comparison article to JavaScript, I am certain that most beginners will be conflicted about choosing between said frameworks and those from JavaScript for web development.

I am sure most of you have heard about JavaScript. I mean, she is the hottest girl on the web! Generally, any developer interested in web dev has to go through JavaScript. JavaScript offers many frameworks and libraries to make it easier for developers to enable rapid development. On top of that, anyone looking to go into the mobile dev space can choose to go for React Native to create hybrid applications. The main features of JavaScript that make it versatile include support for both the client and server-side, and it is cross-platform. By now, you can already see why there might be conflict on which language to pick. They all sound so appealing!

JavaScript contains a bunch of libraries to make the life of a developer easier. To it, companies like Google, Tesla, Instagram, Airbnb, and more prefer using JavaScript libraries like jQuery and React. There are even recent developments in JavaScript to support machine learning on the browser side with machine learning libraries. You will not need to worry about exploring AI and machine learning if you are interested in web development. You can do it with JavaScript too!! Some of the popular frameworks that one should learn are — Vue.js, React.js, Angular, Node.js, Ember.js. Companies like PayPal, Netflix, eBay, Walmart, Facebook, Twitter, and Google are rapidly adapting to the latest frameworks.

Clearly, both languages can be used to handle almost similar tasks. According to stack overflow, Python was in the first position in the programming languages survey 2020. JavaScript secured the third position. The graph for JavaScript keeps fluctuating but always remains in the top five programming languages. In case you want to base your decision on salaries, the highest salary of a Python developer according to ZipRecruiter is $163,500 and as low as $53,500. The average salary of a JavaScript developer is $115,000. The salaries might vary slightly as per country, currency, or region. The salaries of both languages are high burning packages. I would never advise anyone to look at money when getting into tech because you can get any salary based on your worth. Follow your interest.

Look, if you out python and Java-script head to head, you will not get anywhere. That is why I have not gone deeper into either language. Their applications are similar yet different on so many levels. You cannot expect JavaScript to beat Python when it comes to data science, at least not yet. The opposite is the same if you try to put Python as “king” within the web environment. There is a reason most web developers go with the different forms of JavaScript. There is also a reason why anyone in the data game goes with Python. If you want to build web applications, the best choice is JavaScript. If you would like to remain flexible and explore more fields such as data science, machine learning, web development (backend), and automation, go with Python. It all comes down to personal preferences. Both programming languages have their own pros and cons. I hope this article has helped you gain better insight into the languages from different perspectives.



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