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Stop Trying To Wear All The Hats In Your Business

It’s Not A Good Look For You Or Your Bottom Line

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Startup and small business owners wear many hats.

In fact, they often wear ALL the hats!

They are, in turn, the book keeper, IT specialist, strategic planner, customer service agent, project manager, logistics specialist, business development expert, social media planner, procurement specialist, operations manager, and sales manager.

Or rather, they think they are.

All too often one or more of those roles are left undone — usually because of time constraints, and sometimes because the topic makes the small business owner squirm.

Are you a startup or small business owner who wears several hats, but leaves a few off because they aren’t comfortable?

Here are 3 tips to help you juggle those hats so that others get to wear them too.

It’s a Process, It’s a Process, It’s a Process

If you’re a regular reader you remember our post way that explained EVERYTHING is a process.

It also taught you that simple processes are the best — not only do they save you time and energy, but they can help get rid of that “I’m so overwhelmed!” feeling shared by many startup and small business owners.

So Tip #1 for juggling your business hats: examine your business processes.

You have them.

They’re everywhere.

Which ones are taking up too much of your time and energy? Can you simplify them? Get rid of them?

Get “People For That”

Where is your time best spent?

Ideally, the startup or small business owner should focus on business development and sales, right?

That’s where the money is, and the money is what will keep your business going (and pay your mortgage!).

Do you find yourself spending too much time on the other hats that don’t generate any revenue for you?

Tip #2 for juggling your business hats: outsource where ever possible.

If you can hire a book keeper who is expert in that field and who will save you time, identify potential savings for you, and keep you out of jail — isn’t that worth it?

Consider it an investment in your sanity, and an investment in the financial health of your business.

Management By Avoidance Is Not A Good Thing

What about those hats that don’t fit because they’re not comfortable?

Perhaps you really don’t “get” the social media boom but you know it’s important for your business.

Maybe you know a little about process improvement but it’s not your thing and it drives you crazy to think about it.

And a business plan? “Ugh!” you think. “Stay away from me with all those templates!”

Many startup and small business owners simply ignore those tasks with which they are not comfortable. And in so doing, they miss out on business opportunities that could significantly grow their business.

Tip #3 for juggling your business hats: If you aren’t the expert, find someone who is and hire them, even for a short time.

It’s really not rocket science, but it does require a little thought.

Let’s recap:

Organize your business processes.

Outsource activities that take time away from your business development work.

Don’t ignore critical business activities because you don’t like them. Hire experts.

By following these three tips you can make sure your business is well organized.

Who knows, your startup or small business might even become a big business!

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