Tackle wealth gaps by easing access to new opportunities

The gap between the wealth of the rich and the wealth of everyday people is increasing.

It’s established that the wealthy acquire or sustain their wealth by making meaningful investments. As this knowledge spreads deeper into the masses, more people are trying to leverage the knowledge available on the web and the applications enabled by it to participate in investing opportunities.

However, the vast portion of opportunities has only opened up in the stock and debt markets. Most alternative investment opportunities remain limited to only the wealthy.

We tend to think that access to investing has greatly improved in the 21st century, but the reality is that opportunities are still limited and everyday people struggle to get access to lucrative ventures in real estate, private equity, hedge funds, and much more. In order to address the growing wealth gap, it is imperative that this lack of opportunity problem is addressed.

Security Tokens

A new blockchain project, SMART VALOR, is paving the way for tokenized security in order to provide more people with access to great opportunities.

The VALOR platform is comprised of several facilities. Any asset owner, whether it be a property developer/owner, a SME, or a private equity, can tokenize the equity through the platform and issue the sale of those tokens to the VALOR community. Tokenization plays such a crucial role in access to such deals because the average person lacks the funds to become a limited partner of a private equity, purchase a private company, or buy an entire off-plan property. These deals have high wealth pre-requisites and thereby limit access to those who are not wealthy.

As VALOR provides the means to securely split the deal into divisible tokens, fractional ownership of any asset becomes a tangible reality and the tokens, which are backed by real assets, can be easily issued, via a STO, to investors.

One of the core principles behind VALOR is to create greater access to wealth. While ICOs have made access to VC opportunities accessible to the masses, it is important to note that utility tokens cannot be integrated into many assets and businesses, particularly those that deal with the real world. Yet, physical assets remain to be the largest storage of wealth and lucrative operations. SMART VALOR applies the established, successful functions of initial coin offerings to the plethora of real assets that cannot integrate utility tokens, but certainly can issue security tokens.

Experienced Founder

One of VALOR’s founders, Olga Feldmeier, has played an instrumental role in building the pro-Crypto regulatory infrastructure in Switzerland. This experience has allowed her to acquire the network necessary to successfully establish a regulated securities platform. Additionally, given that VALOR is one of the very few companies that are part of the Thomson Reuters incubator, it has access to the advice of many experienced professionals, while also being able to leverage the network of Reuters.

A platform that targets security tokens will be in a dire need of access to top-ranked regulatory officials. SMART VALOR has the needed reach to make its goal a reality, and the platform is on the right path as it recently acquired its custodian license.

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