The 3 best tech Podcasts you should listen to

Last week, I shared my 5 favourite books on startups and technology. Another great way to learn about this industry is through podcasts.

Whenever I am driving, I turn on a podcast. This is a great way to make these otherwise pointless hours count. Podcasts are also loyal companions during my marathon training sessions.

There is a wealth of great content out there. Here are my top 3 picks.

The Twenty Minute VC by Harry Stebbings

My first real introduction to venture capital and startups. I simply love the format: a 20 minute show, the famous quick fire round at the end, and an impressive list of venture capitalists and founders that generate excellent content.

A must listen if you are interested in this industry!

As my company Hyperlane is a SaaS business, Harry’s other show SaaStr is of course a regular for me as well.

The Full Rachet by Nick Moran

A longer format: Full Rachet episodes can last up to an hour and dig deeper with each person on the show. Next to great insights on venture capital, The Full Rachet was also responsible for introducing me to Wait But Why (more on that next week).

This Week in Startups by Jason Calacanis

I have to confess: I am a big Jason fan. His no nonsense style and tone of voice has made me grin on many occasion. This podcast features long interviews with founders but also expert opinions on the latest developments in the tech industry.

A tip: do not fast forward the commercials on this one, as they are often hilarious.

Hope you’ll love them!

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