These 4 Sneaky Devils of Branding (and What They’ll Do To Your Brand If Ignored)

This is the Story of How I Confronted the 4 Life-sucking Devils of Branding and Lived to Talk About It

David Brier | Slayer of the Mundane
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2 min readFeb 13, 2016


We know them as “branding devils.”

They show up:

  • at the water cooler,
  • at meetings,
  • at brainstorming sessions,
  • at moments of inspiration,
  • at conferences devoted to “breaking free of the chains of habitual mediocrity”…

But these predictable devils only number four (as common offenders) and are the subject of this special One Minute Wednesday.

Given the topic is about the devils of branding, it figures I would be forced into overtime on this special episode of One Minute Wednesday.

These devils not only apply to branding itself but also to those considering rebranding as these can be even more prevalent when tackling a rebrand.

The Devils of Branding Revealed

The devils of branding? Here they are:

  1. COMMITTEES (how to water down inspiration within 4 walls)
  2. POLITICS (how to successfully manipulate people you actually dislike)
  3. BUREAUCRACY (how rules override initiative and the ability to think)
  4. RED TAPE (how to not be nimble and add layers just because we think moving slowly is somehow smarter than moving swiftly)

We’ve Covered the Fab Four (Devils) of Branding. Is There a Fifth Devil?

By naming these, we can isolate these demons and thus exorcise them from the valid and remunerative process of branding.

But there’s one sneaky little devil that can still crop up:

The one additional “devil” is the inclination to STOP.

For those dealing with this final additional devil, there is only one key cure: this new video that will slay that devil right through the heart:

The Ultimate Protection

The best-known weapon against these damn branding devils is the book Brand Intervention.

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