The 4 Things Successful Creatives Understand

Luck = Preparation + Personal Growth + Attitudes + Belief in Mindset + Opportunity + Action

Sanjay Priyadarshi
Apr 13 · 6 min read
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Back when I was struggling as a new content creator and was about to give up, I decided to contact over thirty creatives who all have excelled in their personal niche whether it’s podcasts, blogging or influencing.

Eleven of them were kind enough to offer me advice and the key takeaways from the many conversations I had with them I list below. So if you’re a struggling content creator then these 4 things may just help you succeed.

Yes, Luck Is Required but With a Different Definition

For content creators, the definition of luck is different from the rest of the world.

Luck ≠ When opportunity meets preparation.

Here’s the complete formula for getting lucky as a content creator.

Luck = Preparation + Personal Growth + Attitudes + Belief in Mindset + Opportunity + Action.

Let’s understand this formula with an example.

Suppose you create podcasts on historical topics. Someone else sitting in a different city also creates podcasts about human history. You both cover almost similar stories.

Initially, both of you get ten to fifteen downloads.

Even if you get fewer downloads. You have a faith in yourself. Every day you prepare a new topic and do research on it. As you research, you learn a lot of new things. You start to enjoy your work. As you are enjoying and learning, you keep creating more podcasts.

Your competitor on the other hand. After seeing fewer downloads. He was discouraged because all his efforts were wasted. He begins to take work lightly. He starts creating a podcast in a month. Finally, he stops.

After about eight months, people discover your podcast. You start to get more downloads. Your podcast became famous. Your competitor finds out about your podcast and starts calling you lucky.

Yes, you’re lucky. But not because opportunity meets preparation. It is because of your personal growth, belief, attitude, opportunity, and then action.

Your Audience Is Not Crazy

Your audience isn’t just there to consume whatever content you create.

They want your content to add meaning to their life. If your content doesn’t add value to your life. They will stop consuming your content.

If you are a content writer who has a well-established blog. Suppose you write a blog describing your morning routine. What time do you get up? What time do you have breakfast? How your whole day looks like.

The blog contains many details about your perfect morning routine.

With this content, your goal is to create something that your entire audience can consume. You thought everyone was going to click on this article and read it.

Suppose that forty percent of the people in your audience are software developers. Twenty percent of people are writers. The remaining people are just students.

Among these people, some already have a perfect morning routine. Why will they worry about your morning routine?

Few of them have lost their jobs due to covid. Few have much free time. They prefer to get up late. Some stay with their parents. Some stay alone. All of them among your audience have different problems in life.

Do you think everyone will read the article? Ok, forget about reading. All of them are going to click on the article. Absolutely No. They may have a different sleep routine.

Do not expect that you will create timeless content. Everyone in your audience will engage with that content. If you are there for everyone, you are not for anyone.

Your content, whether in terms of audio, video, or text. It may make absolute sense to you, but zero sense to your audience.

Create content for a niche audience. Create a morning routine for software developers. Create a perfect morning routine for writers.

Your audience will see your content based on their personal life experiences. Not your life experiences.

The Power of Compounding for a Content Creator

Warren Buffet started investing money at age ten. If he had started investing at thirty. His wealth alone would have been close to twelve million dollars today. His wealth would have been ninety-nine percent less than what he has today.

The power of compounding favours investors of any kind.

Content creators whose content has performed well. They understand that when you start at the beginning. You won’t get millions of views.

As a new content creator, it can seem like things aren’t going your way. You may have thought that after six months you will have ten thousand people on your email list. After six months, you only have two hundred people on your email list.

Sometimes your content gets one view. Sometimes it receives a hundred views. You feel discouraged.

But just like money, view on articles compounds. Your audience will increase over time. As time goes on, the old content that you’ve created with almost zero audiences starts to get views.

Your audience starts engaging with your older videos and podcasts. They start to appreciate your journey. Not only this, you start creating your old content with a fresh new look.

Highly effective content creators understand that once content is created, it will never go to waste. You can use it in the future in any way.

As time passes, the quality of your work improves.

If you ask them how to create an audience for your work. Their answer will remain almost the same. At first, continue to create work with medium quality but more in quantity. If you have built a certain audience number. You create high-quality content.

If you have a certain audience number. Your content will get more views through referrals. Organic growth has a limit. But the referrals have no limits. One of the subscribers refers to one of their friends and then another will refer that content to their family. This is how referrals work.

They Believe in the 80–20 Rule

When a new content creator sees a lot of views, downloads, upvotes, and likes. They get excited with millions of visits and thousands of subscribers. They get excited by the thousands of downloads the podcast receives.

They get excited about the amount of money content creators are making. They start to imagine their content getting so many views.

But when they create their content and if they only get a few views. They get discouraged. The number of visits and applause begins to decide how well their day is going.

They are happy when their content works well. They get upset if their work is not well received by the audience. The failure of their content haunts them in their sleep.

The effective content creator does not allow himself to be bothered by these silly topics. They understand one thing for sure. If they are not happy, it will show up in their work. They don’t want to compromise the quality of their work because of their mood. If they are creating any form of content. Their main goal is to remain happy on a personal level.

If you start talking about numbers with them. Most of them are not good with numbers. They have no idea what content of theirs has how many views, likes or read.

But they understand one thing. Eighty per cent of your views, readings, and likes come from just twenty per cent of your work. They try to produce a lot of content. Of this content, almost twenty per cent of the content is well received by the audience. This twenty per cent will bring the most views and money.

They have no idea what content will work. All they do is trust their instincts and keep creating content. In the end, twenty percent of them work very well.

In Summary

Successful content creators:

  • Have a different definition of luck.
  • Create niche content for a niche audience.
  • They believe in the power of compounding
  • They understand the 80–20 rule in the content business.

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Sanjay Priyadarshi

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The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +794K followers.

Sanjay Priyadarshi

Written by

Software Engineer | Traveller | Join My Newsletter —

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +794K followers.

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