The Art of Social Selling

Here’s how to get the most out of using social media for lead generation and sales

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Social selling — how to use social media for marketing and sales
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Billions of people spend multiple hours a week, sometimes numerous hours a day, scrolling through their social media feeds and engaging in content that interests them.

Thus, social media become a powerful tool for brands to communicate with their target audience.

Social selling was born as a tactic to communicate with potential customers through social media, in a way less intrusive way than traditional marketing.

So how do we do this?

Read on to find out.

This article explores what social selling is, how it works, its benefits and ten tips to get the most out of your social selling strategy.

What is Social Selling?

A definition of social selling is using social media to research, find, and understand sales prospects, network and engage in conversations in online communities with them, and build and strengthen relationships.

“Social selling is taking out the pitching component of sales. You’re creating conversations about your product and services which organically can produce sales conversations.” (LinkedIn)

The aim is to provide value to prospective customers by answering questions, responding to comments, and sharing content related to your expertise area.

A prospect can be anywhere throughout the buying process — from problem recognition to being ready to purchase.

The idea is to provide value consistently, so you are the first person or brand a prospect thinks of when ready to buy.

Digital marketing principles can implement at an individual salesperson level or a firm level, but social selling requires an investment of time, effort, money and technology. Businesses can do it on a shoestring budget, but we need to invest in our social selling strategy to create quality content.

The popularity of social media makes it a perfect platform to build relationships with prospects…



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