The Art Of Texting

The loss of emotion, the revolution of a modern era.

Owen R Thornton
Apr 17 · 5 min read

This article, among others, was one of the most enjoyable articles I have written in such a while.

It is applicable to each and every part of our daily lives, and we all run into similar issues — even without realizing —

We all text. You probably even are reading this on your phone — in which you use to text.

You know what? I hate texting.


Well… I just said, “I hate texting,” and … how do you know I was sarcastic… do you know if I meant it? Do you know if it was just to be funny?

Now thinking this again,

What if I said

I love you!

Weird text… random right?

But how do you not know this is meaningful, could this not just be a simple remark, such as one of my friends; they get so excited and are in state — “I LOVE YOU!” But… obviously, this isn’t a passionate love.

Texting has revolutionized the world

The art of text is simple, reliable, fast, and instantaneous. We text people in a matter of seconds, sending and receiving, even in reciprocating conversations. The only problem with this exchange of words is the understanding of another. Each day, of the many conversations I engage in within a text string, I am misunderstood at a minimum of once.

Texting is nearly an art — well an undefined, informal, and quick way of talk.

Texting has become a necessity

If you don’t text — you lost.

You lose in business, you drag behind, you can’t keep up. Texting has revolutionized the world of money, marketing, and business. We communicate in seconds, and as well for this, have a consistent notification on the world around us.

Cell phone

The cell phone — the smart phone — the biggest innovation of all time.

Something about the cell phone simply catches the ear. This complex system is like having the world in your hand, at your very fingertips. This entire article idea sparked in my head, and in an instant, I whipped my phone out, into my hand, and started right on it.

A phone is a tool. You got Apple? You got LG? Samsung? I don’t care… whatever it is — it is more advanced than years of technology — it is a fine-tuned device, rather than decor, a tool, a complete change in the face of human civilization.

Before the cell phone, the phone box was the place go to. Now, think of the instant message, and iMessages — the creation of these — the very existence has changed the platform of our talk.

Email, just before, was the proper way of speaking. We would come back and forth, reciprocating between another, though not at real-time-talk.

We would go back and forth, on business, on a more formal level.

What I come to see now; business is becoming less formal — from sleeping pods — to workrooms of millennials — where work combines with life.

Texting is the formation and congruency to the feel of work and life, in one.


We are loosing emotion

Sure, we can see it.


How you doing!

Friendly! Right? Well — I don’t know — sure, it looks friendly, and, it probably is.

The concern with emotions is the idea of coming back and forth, where you can’t see anger, sadness, happiness.

The hardest emotion to express is sorrow, and showing your care.

Texting limits how much emotion you can convey, as an email, letters, etc.

The primary reason texting, among other platforms, is such an inconvenient area for expression of emotion, is because of its lack of WORDS.

Words — words make… sentences.

I mean… I hope you know this!

But sentences are what convey different tones, and evoke feelings. When you text — do you use full sentences?

Are you weird like me? If you are such a social outcast — perhaps you just… go with whatever… and just type those paragraphs that all your friends hate.

I mean — I don’t mind it.

But asides the joke — yes, I tend to type paragraphs by accident on text strings — the vast majority of “texters” do not, at all, express their thoughts in whole — this causing misunderstanding, confusion, and inability to figure out true meaning.

But isn’t that the purpose of texting? Just to — get the literal message across?

Texting is everlasting, and evolving language

Trust me… I really… really did not know these terms even existed.

From abbreviations to emoji’s, we have evolved our languages to understanding and having different views across the proper ways of communication.

Texting may not give the emotions we mean to contest, perhaps even, texting can cause hardship, though in the long run; texting is in fact a new, revolutionizing form of communication, which can, and has, continued to grow, push, and revolutionize businesses across the globe.

Texting is the new art, the new way of life as we know it.

To add in,

I am not “a phone hater,” in fact… I was just on mine now… haha!


Don’t forget to leave a clap or twenty,

Have a good one,

keep on learning.

Owen R Thornton

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Medium's largest active publication, followed by +505K people. Follow to join our community.

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