The best way to organize your iPhone Apps

The best apps organization method you’ll find on earth ! 🌎

I’ve been using the iPhone since I acquired the fantastic iPhone 4 eight years ago. And for a long time, I was frustrated. I was never satisfied with my apps organization, and I bet I’m not the only one who struggled with it once. But last year, I found a creative way to fix this problem. Since my “revelation”, I had no more problems.

If, like me, you want to check the following points, this method is for you.

  • ✅ Find quickly my apps when I need them.
  • ✅ Implement a method that works even with my hundred apps.
  • ✅ Maintain a logic with my organization.
  • ✅ No need to change everything each time I add/delete an app.

The Method

Here we are. The method is really simple but it’s the most efficient I ever found.

Principle: each line is assigned to a category. I noticed that, usually, we can create categories of at least four apps among our list of apps.

What you need is, for each line, to select your top three apps you use the most, and for the fourth slot, to create a folder with the name of the category ( you can use an emoji for more readability ).

Take for example the second line of the first screenshot. This is the “ Read 📖” category. I decided to put forward iBooks / Blinkist and Audible. Then I created the folder with the name of the category.

The main advantage, is that you’ll just need to scan the right part of you screen, to quickly find the category, then the desired app.

Furthermore, if you want to add or delete an app, this method does not break your configuration. Sometimes people have a page for each category, so when they have more than 24 apps, they are annoyed.

Personally, I hate when I mix apps of the same categories in the same line, or if there is no logic in how my apps are displayed on my screen. So I implemented this method, and I find it really satisfying.

The Home Screen

There is nothing fancy here, this is a mix between the default home screen configuration of the iPhone and the apps I use the most.

You’ll see that the next pages follow a strict organisation, and I did not want to apply this method for my first page.

You need to: select the apps you use often and you need to find quickly, or the apps that do not match in the following method.

Tell me in comments if you like it and if you plan to follow this method to organize your iPhone.

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