The Bizarre Reality That We Can Change Our Own Perception Of Time.

We’ve all experienced this feeling unconsciously.

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10 min readFeb 27, 2019


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We’ve all experienced that bizarre feeling that when we were younger, the days seem to go longer.

As you get older, time feels like it gets faster.

Today I had one of those moments that defies the norm. I had a shower and just stood there looking at the water fall from the shower head.

Time seemed to slow down.

My mind stopped racing a hundred miles an hour, and time seemed to stand still. I looked at the clock after this moment and only a minute or two had passed.

Another moment caused me to think about how we perceive time. It was a Linkedin troll who said: “Tim, you seem like you lived so many lives, how can any of what you say be true?”

I thought about what he said. I have lived many lives in my short, thirty-two years of life because I’ve done a lot of things. I got into business when I was sixteen; then I became a DJ, then a producer, and then started several more businesses. After that, I spent seven years working in finance and eCommerce.

Now I work in tech and Digital Marketing and lead a team. Since 2014 I have been on this epic blogging journey that from the outside might not seem real or plausible. All of this has happened in what many would say is a short period of time — and they’d be right.

These two scenarios have led me to the idea that we can speed up and slow down time based on a number of different factors. David Eagleman seems to have some pretty good evidence to back this up.

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The research on slowing down time

David Eagleman has spent more than a decade studying the brains biological clock which causes many of the experiences/hacks I’ll describe below, to occur.

David says to try this exercise to see just how your brain affects your perception of time:

“Go look in a mirror. Now move your eyes back and forth, so that…



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