The Business of Kindness: How Chick-fil-A’s Customer Service Makes You a Better Person

Nicholas Landers
Jul 14, 2019 · 4 min read
Photo by Vinicius Amano on Unsplash

If you haven’t had the pleasure of dining at Chick-fil-A or zipping through their drive-thru, let me tell you, you’re in for an experience! It’s a fast-food restaurant that’s built its reputation on quality ingredients and quality service. Other than being closed on Sundays, I can’t think of a better fast-food restaurant. I feel good when I walk in because I know three things: 1). I’m going to be treated well 2). I will receive the correct order 3). I’m going to be in-and-out. Employees are so crazy effective that, often times, I wonder if CFA headquarters isn’t actually in Georgia but in Hogwarts.

Now, I know that was quite the glowing review but they deserve every bit of credit I have to offer. Their drive-thru lines are often so packed, I feel like I’m pulling into a car dealership — and yet, somehow, I’m back on the road in 5–10 minutes. It’s a modern-miracle, it really is.

That said…

Their customer service is right on the money. It’s the glue that makes the operation one friendly, cohesive unit. The customer service is good, dare I say, it makes me a better person.

Let me explain.

I rarely eat fast-food, but when I do I’m already prepared for a poor experience i.e., slow service, an incorrect order, and/or a bad attitude. Some restaurants perform this way regularly! *Cough* Ice cream machine always down. *Cough cough*

But noooo, not Chick-fil-A. Two lines are set up and people are…wait for it…people are waiting outside! Come rain, sleet, snow, heatwave, tornado, hurricane, or mudslide…they’re out there in uniform, under a poncho!

How can I be mad when they’re committed like this???

“Welcome to Chick-fil-A! How may I serve you?” What in the name of sweet, baby Jesus is going on here…I feel like royalty, like the Sultan in Aladdin; I feel like I’m under a leafy palm, being fed grapes in the middle of an desert oasis. But really I’m just down the street from my house at CFA, trying to get a 12-count nugget with Polynesian sauce.

But wait, there’s more. After the greeting, they wait for me to order AND wait for me to complete my order. Ever been interrupted mid-sentence with “You’re total will be,” or “Will that be all?” It’s annoying. It’s frustrating. It’s rude. It’s what I’ve come to expect from other establishments.

But wait, there’s even more! When all is said and done, they hit you with, “My pleasure,” — as in it was the experience of my lifetime to have waited on you, sir. I gush. When you give them your thanks, this is their response. How can I not thank them when I know this will be the outcome???

They’re just so fast! It’s mind-boggling. Whatever system they employ, it works! You can enter the drive-thru when a song first starts and exit in the middle of the follow song. You can’t get through two! I’m positive.

Not only do they get you your order in a timely manner but it’s also correct, saving you time that you might’ve spent coming back for a correct sauce or sandwich. They give you as many sauces as you like — within reason — and don’t fuss about it. Zero precious seconds spent explaining to me that extra sauces are…extra.

Additionally, once handed my piping-hot delicacy, I’m not sitting in the lane blocking customers behind me…because I’m not checking my bag for accuracy. I swear they need to remake Top Gun and film a scene where the lead goes to CFA and says, “I feel the need, the need for speed!”

Photo by Jordan Koons on Unsplash

It’s a love affair I don’t expect you to understand. Nevertheless, I just wanted to share some of my joy with you anyway. It’s awfully hard to bring a bad attitude or impatience or ill-intent to a place that is clearly working very hard to make you happy. I feel pensive in other restaurants — like I’m waiting for the shoe to drop. But at Chick-fil-A? It’s nothing but smiles and good eats!

Chick-fil-A, I love you.


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