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The Culture Deck

How people work is as important as what they do.

The Culture Deck

Ivan Tasovac, the Serbian Minister of Culture
From the amazing Hubspot Culture deck
Holocracy’s take on org charts
The crowded, noisy work environment at Menlo Innovations (meeting in progress)
A superb manual for parents and managers
At Menlo Innovations, pairs are the rule for all functions.
The Valve model for specialist/generalist skills
The amazing Valve Company Handbook
A human “Castell” competition in Spain
At Coinbase, the work and workflow are explicit, radiating information and making meetings more efficient.
Hubspot on hiring
The Mindvalley Office Park
From The Decision Book: 50 Models for Strategic Thinking
The Sensemaker tool helps find patterns by using stories as data

A New Operating System

The Hubspot Culture deck is linked in the list below.

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