The First Year Entrepreneur’s Job Application

Vivien Grace
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3 min readNov 22, 2019


Want to be your own boss? Apply here.

“That’s so cool that you work for yourself! I have always wanted to do that.”

This is the standard reaction when I tell people that I started my own company six years ago. It sounds liberating and glamorous, but the reality is a bit more daunting. There are roughly 329,000,000 adults in America, and around 5,000 are Entrepreneurs. So, 2 % of us.

Are you ready to become an Entrepreneur? Here is your new job description.

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Perks Include:

You are your own boss.

You get to create a company culture and brand that you love.

You will be able to share your personal vision with employees and clients.

You can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you are a badass who is willing to take a risk that 98 % of people never will.



Salary, bonus and other forms of compensation are never guaranteed

Any expenses that outweigh revenue will result in debt to the Entrepreneur until enough revenue is earned to pay back these expenses.

No benefits



Vivien Grace
The Startup

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